Pagan shirt, a hit with both baseball fans and metal heads

A note from Sam S.:

I wanted to share these awesome shirts I made Friday for one of my favorite players angel pagan. The shirts have been a hit with baseball and metal heads alike! Go giants! I’ll be slangin these at Tempest bar in soma today for what I think will be the final game 4!

Yeah, I sure hope we don’t have to play multiple Game 4s! Kickass shirts in action:

36 Responses to “Pagan shirt, a hit with both baseball fans and metal heads”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    Cool shirt, and I also wish maybe the circle looked more like a halo? Or there was a halo somewhere, hanging on the last N or something.

  2. Boney Bob says:

    Dude, why would there be a halo on a pagan shirt?

    Or was that just some kind of lame attempt at “sly humor”?

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      His last name is Pagan and his first name is Angel.

    • Wake up says:

      Dude, because his first name is Angel.

      Or are you just a band wagoner?

      • Boney Bob says:

        Speaking of bandwagons, Mr. Sloppy Seconds…

        Remind me — where did Angel Pagan play last season? Oh, wait, I remember! New York!

        Gregor Blanco? Washington DC!

        Hunter Pence? Philadelphia!

        Melky Cabrera? Kansas City!

        Marco Scutaro? Denver!

        Ryan Theriot? St. Louis!

        Aside from the pitching staff, the Giants have 3 guys left from the World Series winning team of 2 years ago — Sandoval, Posey, and Huff — and Huff is a good bet to retire in the off-season — supported by some talented rookies and a lot of hired guns.

        Face it: The Giants are a team with bandwagon appeal.

        It will be interesting to see how many of the hired guns remain with the team in the off-season. Not all of them, certainly. A second World Series victory counts for a lot, but the games already sell out, so the team payroll isn’t likely to go a lot higher. I’m betting Melky is long gone, and Lincecum is trade bait for prospects.

    • Boney Bob is a retard says:

      are you fucking stupid

      • Boney Bob says:

        No, I’m a fucking troll, doing troll work in the name of the fucking Baseball Gods! The Gods agree that The Giants are a fucking great team, and mostly OK guys, but think that they deserve a better class of fans than the drooling, hooting and honking idiots and arsonists who currently make up a large part of their fan base. You know, the rabid fans whose idea of team support is buying bootleg t-shirts and trashing San Francisco.

        Frankly, the Baseball Gods were PISSED after the 2010 Series — you notice that fans who riot rarely get repeats? — but they were willing to accept human sacrifices as penance: Buster bust a leg, Sanchez bust a shoulder. This time, second offense, I shudder to think about what they will require to abey their wrath. Matt Cain hit in the head by a line drive? The Panda chokes to death on a Cubano? San Francisco tumbles into the sea? That’ll be the day I go back to Annandale.

        • moto-waki says:

          did you make up that word “abey”?

          please tell us, oh wise one, what does it mean?

          but i guess a superfan like yourself has his own language when talking about baseball (to himself).

          • Boney Bob says:

            Working, off-the-cuff, from “abeyance”, puto. Can’t do it all without a paycheck, smartass.

        • moto-waki says:


          & that paycheck line makes no sense.

          • Boney Bob says:

            So you’ve basically figured out the fault in my on-the-spot, language processing brain functions — but you’re too stupid to figure out that I’m not going to research and write a professional essay for you unless someone pays me? Welcome to my world, jackass — guess you can’t do it either.

          • Ariel Dovas says:

            Waitasec, I’ve been contributing all this crap for MM for free for years and you can’t even be bothered to write one useful comment without demanding a paycheck?!


          • Boney Bob says:

            Wait, what? Now my trolls gotta be useful?!!! Fuggedaboutit!

  3. Your Mom Did Last Night says:

    Baseball, metal head and metro-sexual tech bus riders.

  4. En-Chu Lao says:

    Once the faux-christians get ahold of this photo they’re going to make a meal of it: three queens wearing “pagan” shirts. They’re going to roll on the floor, speaking in tongues. “It’s an abomination!”

  5. Barry Bonds says:


  6. sfmayhemmm says:

    Nor Cal 4 life. I want one of these shirts.

  7. chalkman says:

    how about a glove with a halo on it, as it was his glove that showed up every game of the playoffs

  8. Jerome says:

    The MiSFits shirts they were selling during game 2 at Bender’s were way gnarlier.

  9. yup!!!! says:

    will you still be selling them???

    must… have….

  10. mark says:

    want it please

  11. LeDouche says:

    I SWEAR I am not a queen!

  12. mentalbeat says:

    where can i get one of these now???

  13. Sheepeyes says:

    I want one too! Pagan is my boooy!

  14. Mamiel says:

    I’m a pagan Pagan fan and I want one of these right away! No luck trying to order it tho, got an error…

    Sad thing is Pagan will probably be gone next year :(

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