Driver hits parked car and loses tire but refuses to quit the slowwwwwest getaway ever

You know how sometimes you’re playing GTA and you blow out a tire but you think you can keep going for a while, except thanks to the game’s realistic physics engine you quickly realize how bad of an idea that is?  Well, it looks like this guy has never played GTA :(

Unfortunately for him, his ploy failed and his vehicle ground to a halt, a couple minutes after which a squad of police arrived on the scene, automatic weapons pointed with shouts to get out of the car.  The driver was promptly apprehended, but it is unclear at the moment whether this is just an extreme DUI or a getaway from another prior crime.  It all went down on San Jose Ave around 23rd St.

We’ll update with more info if we get it, but for the time being we’re hiding out indoors from potential bullets.

[Video by our pal Veljko]

Gold-plated Lambhorgini

This looks like 3rd and Harrison. I assume he was looking for parking near Trick Dog and ended up way out here.

Anyway, yes, gold-plated Lambhorgini.

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Bitchin’ Camaro does donuts on the Golden Gate Bridge

Clearly some illegal activity happening here, which the_ssnoopy_show posted on the Internet for the benefit of some 2,800 instagram fans and much to the chagrin of Stanley Roberts.


Horrorcar ☠☠☠☠☠

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Everything you ever wanted to know about parking in San Francisco

Definitely check out Helen’s latest infographic for the Bold Italic: Parking by the Numbers

Talking SFPD cop car is creepy

The absolute WORST way to start a road trip

As our pal Michael notes, “That tape player has been steady freddy for like 20 years!”

[Photo by Jack Ipekjian]

Here’s a DeLorean hovercraft cruising around San Francisco Bay

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Super chill (passive aggressive) no-parking sign

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$138,000 Maserati looking for parking near Trick Dog accidentally drives into a Muni maintenance trench

Bummerdude ;)

[via The Fog Bender and SF Weekly]