New video shows Valencia Street rioters repeatedly attacking a police car with police officers in it

First this guy runs at it and punches it:

Then it gets hit with more paint bombs, and then this guy sneaks up behind it with a flare:

The flare guy makes them decide to drive away, and a guy throws a recycling bin at them as they flee:

The video shows a lot of other stuff too, most of which is similarly disconcerting. Watch the whole thing here, if you must, but it will probably just put you in a bad mood:

Bully for them that they’re so proud of their work I guess.

[via SFist]

51 Responses to “New video shows Valencia Street rioters repeatedly attacking a police car with police officers in it”

  1. CeeeLo says:

    These police show some really incredible restraint by not shooting these fucking cowards in the face. Can’t say I would’ve done the same..

    • Matt says:

      Does that make you crazy?

      • CeeeLo says:

        No. If I were armed and thugs came up and starting violently destroying my car while I was in it, I would shoot them.

        • MrEricSir says:

          Enjoy your life in jail, dumbass!

          • CeeeLo says:

            I think it would be relatively easy to argue that I was undoubtedly in physical danger. Plus, no one would miss these fucks.

          • D. Jon Moutarde says:

            That would be an easy “get out of jail free” card in Florida!

          • Greg says:

            I’ll say hi to your father.

          • thelaw says:

            Have to have a reasonable fear of great bodily injury or death, so it would depend on how many individuals, where they were relative to the position of the car, if they had weapons, etc. Other-wise it’s likely voluntary manslaughter.

    • happy420 says:

      Fuck these pigs and fuck pig apologists.

      • grant says:

        sorry, you lost me. maybe could you explain who apologized for the “pigs”? or what action they were apologizing for?

        • happy420 says:

          “These police show some really incredible restraint by not shooting these fucking cowards in the face. Can’t say I would’ve done the same..”

          Fuck them and fuck this person.

          • CeeeLo says:

            So you are standing up for these guys destroying small businesses and people’s private property?

          • Pooop says:

            Ahhh… “Fuck the police” from “happy420″. What a joke.

          • Emily says:

            You know what is so cool? Hating on police.

            Yeah, there are bad cops, but I fucking dare you to live in a society without a police force.

          • happy420 says:

            Yes, I am standing up for these guys destroying “small businesses” and if by “private property” you mean fucking Aston Martins, then yes those too. And while we’re at it? Fuck private property.

            I live on Valencia Street, and I was happy to see the Weston Wear’s window smashed in frankly. Not as happy as seeing the Mission Police Station vandalized. Because, yes, it IS cool to hate on cops.

          • Pooop says:

            Uhhh… and blue bottle? And local restaurants? And non-luxury cars?

            Fuck private property? So you’re fine with someone coming to your house and smashing all YOUR stuff?

            God forbid that YOUR street should have shops and cars parked on it. Your life is really, really hard.

          • Greg says:

            Ha Ha your life sucks

          • Bob Dole says:

            Happy 420: “yah man, fuck the police! fuck them all. Oh shit, I’m getting robbed! They’re stealing my bike, they’re thrashing my pad! Quick wtf are the police!?”


          • blah says:

            I say we all go throw happy420′s laptop in the street and jump on it. Why? because “fuck private property,” that’s why.

            ps grow the hell up, you twit.

      • happy420 says:

        of fuck all you $3,000 a month rent paying Linked-In employees. I’ll see you while you’re waiting in line for that long black bus, and we can talk about smashing laptops then.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Whatever you say, Internet ToughGuy.

        • Pooop says:

          Hey not all of us are trust fund kids like you and can afford to live on Valencia, happy420.

          Good luck with your revolution. I hope the irony of smashing the capitalist system via your comcast cable connection and fancy apple laptop is lost on you, otherwise it’s probably not any fun.

      • Ronky Ponk says:

        Huh? You mean the idiots smashing the windows? Yes, fuck those pigs.

    • mission local says:

      The reason for the police cowardness is most likely due to the fact that a similiar march on valencia in 2005 resulted in a policeman being beaten so badly he nearly died.

  2. Bordash says:

    there are usually plenty of police down at the occupy camp, but none to stop these small businesses and regular people’s cars from getting smashed? shows the stupidity of these people, and where the police seem to stand on the matter.

  3. NotanIdiot says:

    The idiots who did this are just macho assholes who want to brag to their friends about what they’ve done. They are not revolutionaries. They are not effective activists. They are self-serving righteous assholes.

    If you want to fuck with cops, do it in your own town, and don’t do it when other people are planning actions. It is cowardly of you to use other people’s actions to pull dumb moves you are too scared to do any time else.

    • Pooop says:

      They were all chanting Occupy slogans. Stop acting like they aren’t associated with them.

  4. Booo says:

    This fucking jerks are all from oakland, and I bet they were sitting in four barrel the day after enjoying a capitalist cappuccino and a donut without a bandana on their faces. Hypocrite Coward Crusty Wannabes.

    • hater says:

      Fuck this shit. All the losers from SF come to Oakland to fuck shit up. You’re an asshole. Quit hating on Oakland.

  5. DontMissSF says:

    I was still living in San Francisco during the Giants non-sense and watched a woman drive through the mob and get her car jumped on which seemed to completely render the trunk usable as well I’m sure plenty of damage I didn’t witness. In retrospect, I wish I’d been the guy in the video who ran up shouting “Hey! hey! hey!” Instead I pulled out my iPhone and took a picture which I’m pretty ashamed of. At least the story the video tells, lots of spectators doing nothing, and one guy running up to defend the neighborhood. If you’re looking for something to take from this video, be that guy who runs up in front of the window being smashed or the car about to be spray painted. And when they start swearing at you, don’t introduce violence because that changes the game, but just say you love your neighborhood and this isn’t what you want.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Very well said.

    • banana slug says:

      It takes a lot courage to stand up to a mob especially if you aren’t backed by one yourself. Nice comment.

      So where are you now?

      For the record I don’t miss you either.

  6. gfunk says:

    “San Fransisco”? Really?

  7. Ryan says:

    I have my misgivings about police, abuses of power, and who they really serve, BUT – you guys have got to be fucking kidding me. This is the SF bubble at its worst. Go interact with some cops in Atlanta, then get back to me. SF cops are, in my anecdotal personal experience, some of the most consistently friendly and understanding cops of any city I’ve ever been in. These rioters don’t realize how good they have it here.

  8. tastr says:

    Watch this video and tell me your opinions on having/not having a police force.

  9. blah says:

    Man, after watching the whole video you just gotta say WHERE ARE THE COPS??? how the hell did this rampage of idiotic bullshit go on for so long? Jesus Christ.

  10. Nigel Mansell says:

    Could have justifiably shot these fuckers in the face. Too bad they didn’t.

    • thelaw says:

      I am amazed by the fact that people think capital punishment is a just response to property destruction. It is mind blowing.

  11. Molly says:

    These idiots are a total embarrassment. It’s like they haven’t left high school…I am EMBARRASSED to live in a city where this goes on.

  12. Mike says:

    and what purpose did this serve? other than costing small businesses a fortune to clean up that is. I got an idea, lets disrupt the flow of traffic by putting garbage cans in the street. Real hardcore…why don’t you do something constructive instead of Destructive…