Unicyclist just unicycling

No big deal.

12 Responses to “Unicyclist just unicycling”

  1. larry sanders says:

    I just saw this guy fall off his unicycle at 21st and florida.

  2. BeeDub says:

    The ultimate fixie!

  3. no.thanks. says:

    i saw this guy dropping his daughter off at school today……she was also riding a unicycle. true story.

  4. hezcatt says:

    I saw them on Tuesday morning on unicycles with little brother in tow on his boring “regular” bike.

  5. mike says:

    welcome to sf everyone. try not to stare

  6. Mission the point says:


  7. Mission the point says:

    ^^^ Diamond, yes that’s what I meant to post. This uni look like a 29er.

    This entry and my post = the sound of crickets chirping

  8. carlo says:

    he jumped into traffic, right in front of me, on Alabama, the other day.

  9. brittney says:

    It’s true, I was with him. ^

  10. Sam says:

    I live on that corner and I’ve seen him riding his unicycle with his daughter on her regular bike behind him

  11. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    But can you unicycle and play the banjo at the same time? Otis Taylor can!