‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean makes late-night pit stop at Mission fire station

Smoke was billowing out of it, it was all lit up, the license plate read “OUTTA TIME” 40 people were standing around taking pictures with it. I said to some other gawkers, “Well, what, are they gonna light in on fire and then put it out?” And the other gawkers were uniformly outraged: “No! That’s a priceless piece of cinematic history!” “That’s THE ACTUAL DELOREAN FROM BACK TO THE FUTURE!” “Dude, that’s the car from THAT MOVIE! Why would they light it on fire??” I dunno, dude! It’s a fire department training facility is all!

Anyway, I don’t know what happened.

4 Responses to “‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean makes late-night pit stop at Mission fire station”

  1. Quin2013 says:

    Ha ha ha ha. that’s hella funny!

    I lived on 20th & Folsom. So glad I don’t hear the fire trucks blaring through out the night(oh that one stupid freaking bird that would never shut the hell up in the middle of summer nights).

    Instead, I hear ambulances through out the night, since I live near Kaiser.

    Any who, that was cool.

    Where you able to hop in the car and speed back in time and set the ground on fire for these guys to put out or what?!?!

  2. @meixellent says:

    Allan, this was all my doing! The fire dept let us park the truck there to unload the DeLorean and then cruise around the mission with it. We finally parked it on Alabama street at my office which used to be an old auto body garage and had a Back to the Future birthday party for yours truly. I took it for one last spin from there to Pop’s and returned it to its owner. A company called Precious Metals in San Jose rents all kinds of awesome novelty cars…in addition to the DeLorean they have the ghostbusters Ecto-1 and KITT from Knight Rider!

  3. JB5511 says:

    Would you happen to still have their contact information?? I’m putting an event together and have been trying to find someone local with a replica to rent.