BMW vs. Muni bus

I mean, I love Trick Dog as much as the next guy, and I know parking around there is a scarce commodity and thus you have to start the hunt as early as possible, but if you’re speeding there so recklessly (allegedly) that you careen directly into a passenger bus (allegedly), your priorities are a bit amiss.

[Photo by Lindsey]

9 Responses to “BMW vs. Muni bus”

  1. hater says:

    He was probalby rushing to a power lunch

  2. ayo4yayo says:

    i hope he was one of those dotcom techie drones

  3. scum says:

    The irony of BRAKE.

  4. ha says:

    Trick Dog, or run-ons: which do you love more?

  5. Paul says:

    this is clearly a jelly donut incident

  6. Bob Dyson says:

    Nice capture dud. Looks like the beamer has just come from car servicing and lost its brakes!