Police collision at 18th and Mission Streets

Barbara sends these in:

UPDATE: They may have been in pursuit of a common suspect. In 2002 I saw a cop car speeding up 18th Street so fast it made me jump to the side. Minutes later the car collided with a wall at 17th and Dolores, killing the officer.

26 Responses to “Police collision at 18th and Mission Streets”

  1. scum says:

    I bet the bicyclist caused it.

  2. J-Lub says:

    Cop fight?

  3. Barbara Graber says:

    2 Police cars sirens blarring, in pursuit crashed in to each other. The bicyclist is another cop that was right there.

  4. forreal says:

    San Francisco’s finest

  5. Spots says:

    see that bakery in the background? yeah, it was one helluva donut sale.

  6. Greg says:

    Ha Ha

  7. fuckthesystem says:

    Haha, must have been late for either their donut break or beating some defenceless homeless person.

  8. En-Chu Lao says:

    Odd to see the Praetorian guards for the residents of Specific Whites so far from their beat. I guess croissants will never trump a good donut.

  9. biglippedkneegro says:

    . Minutes later the car collided with a wall at 17th and Dolores, killing the officer.


    • scum says:

      Hope you never need help from cops.

    • jen says:

      Heinous thing to say. I was there in the minutes after it happened, horrific. Simply horrific. They were both on the way to a 911 call for an extremely violent and terrifying domestic “dispute”. If my memory serves, a man was trying to kill a woman with a hatchet/clever? Nauseating. I have never seen anything so awful in my life. It rocked the community and the police department for years. Truly haunting. For shame.

      • James says:

        Years? I think this is the third such collision in about 10 years. It really makes the police look like Keystone Kops. You would think after ONE they’d review their procedures and get their shit together. But no – they are like a pack of dogs chasing a rabbit while citizens leap out of the way. You always see the motorcycle cops running in a pack, like that’s an efficient way to cover the beat?? I guess that keeps the motorcycle cops from running into each other.

      • biglippedkneegro says:

        I still think it is hilarious

        • jen says:

          Funny that a fellow human being lost his life? Really? I’m truly sorry that you have lost, at least in this respect, that bit of humanity that makes us inherently good. Really, I’m sorry that this makes you laugh.

  10. washable ink says:

    Wow. Doesn’t matter if they’re trying to save your sister, mom, girlfriend or boyfriend from the absolutely undeserved beating you are giving them, stop some hype from climbing out your crib’s window with your Star Wars collectibles, to try and dislodge a giant f’in jawbreaker from your favourite 6 yo niece or nephews throat as they turn violet while your punk@ss stands there whimpering omigod over and over for 5.7 minutes or stop somebody from treating you because for a minute you had Internet Balls on the street and they’re making you see stars like ur a cartoon animal from the 70s….
    There is no other way to get from point a to b quickly (to do things guys and gals with bigger things to worry about then you do ATM) then to do so by driving as quickly as safely possible with a partner shouting “clear right” every intersection.
    I dont even hope one of you fails to gtfo of my way while I’m on the way to do something worthy for you or anyone you know. I just wish you had a f’in clue.

    • jen says:

      Thank you, thank you very much for saying that. Have a lovely day.

      • washable ink says:

        You too! Never mind the @sshat trolls.

        • jen says:

          Ooooh,I don’t those sillys too, too much. It’s only when “serious” issues (so to speak) are treated with such blithe disregard. It’s the lack of humanity to garner a reaction that makes me shudder sometimes. Again, have a lovely day! ;)

    • biglippedkneegro says:

      What’s the best sound in the world?
      Hearing dead baby’s hips crack under pressure!

      • washable ink says:

        Written by a slapdick loser in every sense of the word from his mother’s basement.

      • jen says:

        blk: Do you really subscribe to this thought pattern? Truly? I realize that I am probably inciting you to further invective, but really? Nevermind, I understand that I am merely shouting against the wind and no meaningful dialogue will follow. Sigh. Have a good evening.