Gnarly pedestrian accident

@SFSavage, father of P.D. Bird was tangentially involved in a pedestrian car accident today downtown:

Apparently the driver took off before the police got involved. Really hoping the pedestrian is not too badly injured, but it sounds pretty rough. These streets are busy, and I’m hearing about too many pedestrian/car/bike accidents these days. No matter how you’re moving through a street, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of what’s around. I like to think I’m careful as a pedestrian, on a bike and in my car, but we could all use a reminder.

In other news, Curbed reports that the large and confusing intersection at Haight-Gough-Market is getting an overhaul with regards to safety. Good to hear, I was the victim of a hit and run while walking across that street a year ago.

Police collision at 18th and Mission Streets

Barbara sends these in:

UPDATE: They may have been in pursuit of a common suspect. In 2002 I saw a cop car speeding up 18th Street so fast it made me jump to the side. Minutes later the car collided with a wall at 17th and Dolores, killing the officer.

Car crash at 17th and Guerrero

[via mononatalie]

Three car crash at 24th and South Van Ness

From El Tecolote‘s Facebook page:

According to El Tecolote there are no injuries.

UPDATE: Mission Local says that there were four cars involved and that at least one person was injured.

Hectic three car crash

Gnarly car crash at 19th and Valencia.

At 19th and Valencia. Captured here by DocPop.

SF Appeal says only minor injuries. (whew!)

Second pic sent in by tipster Ben, who writes “The other car involved, a hybrid honda civic, came out relatively unscathed. Yet another tragic story of when hybrid drag racing goes wrong.”

Smashup Near Mission and Precita on the First Day of Summer

This heat is really getting to people. Hope no one got hurt.