Gnarly pedestrian accident

@SFSavage, father of P.D. Bird was tangentially involved in a pedestrian car accident today downtown:

Apparently the driver took off before the police got involved. Really hoping the pedestrian is not too badly injured, but it sounds pretty rough. These streets are busy, and I’m hearing about too many pedestrian/car/bike accidents these days. No matter how you’re moving through a street, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of what’s around. I like to think I’m careful as a pedestrian, on a bike and in my car, but we could all use a reminder.

In other news, Curbed reports that the large and confusing intersection at Haight-Gough-Market is getting an overhaul with regards to safety. Good to hear, I was the victim of a hit and run while walking across that street a year ago.

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  1. NerdHead says:

    Q: Why did the pedestrian jaywalk like an idiot?


    • heyballsack says:

      Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime no matter who is at fault.

      Hitting a pedestrian that you could have avoided if you were driving safely is also a crime, regardless of whether or not the pedestrian was jaywalking.

    • MrEricSir says:

      The entire concept of “jaywalking” was invented by a PR firm for the car industry.

      • JohnnyL says:

        Are you fucking kidding me? How about looking up the word “physics”? A car can’t stop on a fucking dime.

        Sometimes I think you’re sane and logical but others, like this, I worry about you.

        • MrEricSir says:

          Physics doesn’t change the fact that the streets have been co-opted for cars, thus shifting the blame for deadly collisions onto pedestrians.

          • JohnnyL says:

            I forgot that you’re an asshole/idiot.

            Streets: Fast moving vehicles (mostly cars)
            Sidewalks: Humans
            Crosswalks w/lights: Humans/Vehicles, cross when safe

          • heyballsack says:

            JohnnyL can’t imagine a world other than the one he inhabits. Sad.

          • JohnnyL says:

            heyballsack: I’m pointing out facts. Have you driven a car and had someone jump out in front of you? You’ll fucking kill em. It’s physics, asshole. If you don’t believe me, try it and post your findings. See if you can have that car instantly stop but don’t blame me for the mess.

          • heyballsack says:

            You simply don’t know what happened here. If the car was obeying the speed limit, if he had the ability to stop, etc.

            Calling people “asshole” on a blog isn’t edgy, by the way.

          • Car Dude says:

            It’s possible to simultaneously believe that car-centric cities are a terrible idea and that until we reach a carless utopia that the middle of a busy street isn’t a good place for humans to be.

        • blah says:

          Physics is merely an oppressive construct of the empiricist white male capitalist heterodoxy, yo.

      • JohnnyL says:

        Even the eye witness on Twitter claims “this man runs out in road”. Stop trying to be a hero for the zero.

        • 94103er says:

          But the driver was behind the eyewitness, a bike rider. He had PLENTY of time to judge that something was going on ahead and should have hit the brakes.

    • droops says:


    • JohnnyL says:

      This is exactly the “A” I was expecting for the commenters…

  2. Jocelyne says:

    This happens all the time. Our city streets are like a video game that someone you know will eventually lose. My best friend has been dealing with her severe injurys for over a month and the driver didn’t even get a ticket. Join walksf and justiceforjikaiah to help get some laws changed. There is a hearing in November to discuss. Watch this for more info. Dolly is making a documentary about this very problem. I wish this guy to be in way better shape than my best friend, it’s tragic. I’m very sorry to hear I of more injuries on our streets.

    • Busy At Work says:


      Thanks for being the voice of compassion and reason and not misappropriating a tragic event (to voice fruitless opinions about an impending class-war, for example).

      Disclaimer: My first thought went to the class war too…I won’t make the same mistake by posting it here.

      Thanks for the link

  3. rectilinear says:

    Well, if the Honda in the photos is the driver’s, his life is going to shortly suck really really hard. Hitting a pedestrian that (reportedly) multiple witnesses saw run into the street? Probably a slap on the wrist, if that. Leaving that same scene? Don’t drop the soap.

  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wow, that’s fuck up. Glad there is a photo of the car (and driver?), and I hope he goes to a whole lot of jail.

    Also: What the fuck does “hyphy” mean?

  5. droops says:

    I dont think jay walking is stupid, its accepting a risk. I think jaywalking and looking first is far safer than crossing the street at a cross walk with your face glued to your phone.

  6. Eminem Songs says:

    This is some crazy stuff!

  7. Tee El says:

    This is at Hyde & Turk. Lots of homeless/crackheads wander into traffic here. Most likely that’s what happened. Most of the time cars are able to stop or dodge them but every now and then they get hit. Sad as they already have nothing going for them.

  8. Tore says:

    Scary stuff