Gnarly pedestrian accident

@SFSavage, father of P.D. Bird was tangentially involved in a pedestrian car accident today downtown:

Apparently the driver took off before the police got involved. Really hoping the pedestrian is not too badly injured, but it sounds pretty rough. These streets are busy, and I’m hearing about too many pedestrian/car/bike accidents these days. No matter how you’re moving through a street, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of what’s around. I like to think I’m careful as a pedestrian, on a bike and in my car, but we could all use a reminder.

In other news, Curbed reports that the large and confusing intersection at Haight-Gough-Market is getting an overhaul with regards to safety. Good to hear, I was the victim of a hit and run while walking across that street a year ago.

National media calls P.D. Bird “a real beauty”

From Grantland’s coverage of the SF Giants championship parade:

This guy was an absolute beauty. “Me and the bird went to 12 games this year,” he was telling another dude, as if the parrot on his shoulder was a buddy from high school. “I really think the Giants can win four World Series in six years. Four in six, man. Four in six!”

You hear that, Giants?  P.D Bird demands four in six!  Meanwhile, MUNI is having heart palpitations in a corner somewhere while contemplating future celebrations in horror.  Check out the full article here.