National media calls P.D. Bird “a real beauty”

From Grantland’s coverage of the SF Giants championship parade:

This guy was an absolute beauty. “Me and the bird went to 12 games this year,” he was telling another dude, as if the parrot on his shoulder was a buddy from high school. “I really think the Giants can win four World Series in six years. Four in six, man. Four in six!”

You hear that, Giants?  P.D Bird demands four in six!  Meanwhile, MUNI is having heart palpitations in a corner somewhere while contemplating future celebrations in horror.  Check out the full article here.


8 Responses to “National media calls P.D. Bird “a real beauty””

  1. GG says:

    Not to nit-pick, but I read it as that the author was calling *Popi* “an absolute beauty,” which is funny because — no disrespect to Popi — but I think P.D. Bird herself is just a little more beautiful than he is. :)

  2. P.D.Bird says:

    Damn son,look at those legs! LoL. yeah,between this and being naked at city hall this week i have been on enough news media for a lifetime. I have to agree with GG tho,P.D. is the beauty here,i’m just a beast. Also,I was soooo drunk at this point and this guy said that I was dreaming if I thought the Giants would repeat,hence the screaming” 4 in 6! 4in 6yrs” comment. Best pitching in Baseball,Thank you once again Giants for a wonderful season to remember.

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wait, THAT’S P.D. Bird?! Well then who is the older gentleman that walks around the Mission with a bird on his shoulder?

  4. P.D.Bird says:

    We don’t walk no where. We bike. There is an older guy in mission,he has a Sun Conure parrot(been featured here on missionmission) and then there is another guy with a Caique parrot,that birds name is Tuesday. These are everyday companion parrots. with their spouses/mate 24/7/365 like us. Then you have other parrots that are decorations,only brought out of house/cage to impress others or because they match their outfit that day.We advocate birdie revolution, family not decorations

  5. tc says:

    Get A Brain! Morans