Smashed fire hydrant drowns parklet

Reader Erin A. saw this scene at 1:30am this morning:

This was going on in front of the Pilates Studio on Valencia, between 25 and 26.  I think a car ran over a fire hydrant, but I’m not exactly sure what really happened??

This is taken from across the street.  You can see the old firehouse (?) in the background, which is next to the Pilates Studio.  Poor studio…their parklet is completely totalled…..

6 Responses to “Smashed fire hydrant drowns parklet”

  1. j says:

    that was a cute parklet.

  2. Jammy says:

    It was cool to have sleep by a waterfall without having to leave the Mission…driver must have been hella fucked up tho’

  3. Aristotle says:

    If you dont like the way i drive, stay out of the parklets!

  4. Taco dude says:

    Die, parklet, die!

  5. TinyTim says:

    This was actually a retake for a Woody Allen movie (He’s Baaaack!) The working title of the film is, I think, “It’s Always Sunny on Valencia Street”. His crew was seen a few hours before in firemen’s clothes munching on Ari Nells. The parklet was intentionally destroyed because the scene is a flashback to 1988. And the #26 bus will be seen in another scene, I hear.
    The dialogue in that one will be mostly about the best burritos and which womyn’s store has the best Latina artwork and jewelry.

  6. 94103er says:

    Right. Remind me again, why do cyclists get the blame for everything that goes wrong around here?