Big time police chase

Tuesday Night Cop Scene
(file photo, one block North of incident)

Kimberly wonders what was going on last night (Friday):

Last night, my friend and I were at 18th & Mission around 10:15 or so. Dude runs past – you always wonder why they’re running – he’s followed by a dude who shouts “I can keep running all night!” (Clearly it’s a cop in street clothes) Then the ENTIRE block is shut down by, like, 15 or 20 cop cars. No reports on it this morning. We almost got run over by a cop while crossing the street to get away.

Anyone have any additional info?

2 Responses to “Big time police chase”

  1. Pedro Navaja says:

    Breakers to Bay?

    A concerned citizen helping fat cops burn calories?

    Drug dealer evading unscrupulous drug-stealing cops?

    Dust City hipster evading a citation for being obnoxious?

  2. boo to your titillating file photo.