Encroaching DUNES stage DIY Sunday Streets; shut down Great Highway

Our customary SF loop bike ride was unexpectedly interrupted yesterday shortly after reaching the beach and turning South.  We were initially confused about the road closure–wasn’t Sunday Streets happening all the way down on 3rd Street in the Dogpatch instead?

Well, it appears that the wind and dunes here at Ocean Beach got a little jealous and conspired to have their own anti-car event by blanketing the roadway with enough sand to obstruct traffic. Check out all that it took to shut down the Great Highway this Sunday after the jump.

Well, that’s rather disappointing, eh?  Looks like it doesn’t take much to stop automotive technology.  Maybe that’s why it’s not a good idea to invade desert nations.  I’m looking at you Soviet Union, Harkonnens, George Bush Junior, and Sardaukar.

3 Responses to “Encroaching DUNES stage DIY Sunday Streets; shut down Great Highway”

  1. Matti says:

    Yeah, it happens more often than you think. Pros. Awesome impromptu opportunity to bike with your dog freely down the road. Cons, dog rather be cruising a 1000 feet to the west along the ocean and spend more time calling them back…than biking. Matti

  2. Kyle Madison says:

    I would definitely close the road. Who would want to touch that sand?

  3. Mike O. says:

    Yeah, it happens quite a bit, though this weekend it actually closed both north and southbound lanes. Normally it’s just the southbound lanes that close. Good for bike rides, bad if you prefer this route to get from Outer Richmond to the peninsula versus taking 19th through the Sunset…