Check out this gorgeous rainbow over the Mission

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Trippy animated GIF of this lightning storm over SF

Whoa, baby.

(Thanks, @beamercola and @mahlie!)

Holy cow, look at the sky

(Thanks, Jess!)

Double rainbow over the Mission

See the top one?? And how about the one closer to ground? Gettin’ lowwwww. You almost touch it. (Or at least fly your drone into it.)

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Summertime in the park (except it’s technically winter)


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Sunny and foggy at the same time

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The end of the rainbow… is somewhere in the Mission!

Is it Bender’s? I think it’s Bender’s.

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Big perfect rainbow over SF

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Wild parrots just chillin’ on your windowsill

I thought I was lucky to have them chillin’ high up in a tree in my backyard, but this? Wowee.

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Cute little rainbow over the Mission

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