It’s windy fam

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[Photo and title by Alex Lane]

Earthquake memories


I was at the Cal Academy of Sciences the other night for their weekly NightLife party (where it’s 21+ and there’s booze everywhere) and came upon this portion of their earthquake exhibit wherein visitors are asked to share earthquake-related memories.

Here’s a good one from the Mission:


And this one is good too:


Photo of a bunch of people waiting for Caltrain

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How do you feel about all the pretty girls?

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Animated GIF of fog worming its way past Sutro Tower

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I don’t know what’s happening here but it’s pretty cool

Unexpected moment of zen this morning

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Weather report

Beautiful nighttime view of SF from Treasure Island

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Just beautiful.

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God damn look at this sky

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I know it’s hip to be all, “Ugh, pictures of sunsets,” but I mean look at this.

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Hail in the Mission!

Now please enjoy these past posts about times strange stuff fell from the sky in the Mission…