Skating the ’89 quake

So, about that earthquake.  Pretty crazy, right?  I mean, it even left one of the cabinet doors in my kitchen slightly more ajar than it was before I went to bed!

[Via Dumb Skater Kids in the Mission]

Eww, make sure your dog doesn’t drink out of this bowl of pigeon filth today

Dang, I think that’s the same one that was choking on a piece of popcorn last week.

This is outside Dynamo fyi

[via Monkey Brains]

It’s a beautiful day in the Mission, but here’s driving across the Golden Gate Bridge

[via Gray]

Hilarious photo of a pigeon choking on a piece of popcorn

Where does this rank against the pigeon stuck in a Cheetos bag and the pigeon got knocked out of the sky by a frisbee?

[via The Heated]

LOL Look at this weird old dude eating hipster ice cream

[via Humphry Slowcombe's twitter]

These 8-foot wildflowers thriving in the vacant lot next to Atlas Cafe

This Caturday: Bring your cat to the park day!

You’ve gato be kitten me, is this fur real? This one definitely gave me paws! Purrhaps the best thing since Whisker Wednesdays, or just a huge cat-astrophe waiting to happen? It’s freakin’ meowt!

RSVP and invite your furrriends here.

(No apawlogies.)

God damn, it’s muggy out

Beautiful day and all, but god damn it’s like Florida out here. (And I don’t mean Florida Street.)

Here’s what the sky looks like in Oakland

Seems pretty cool.

[via Lucy Bird]

These crazy-bright flowers in this flowerbed on 18th Street

I walk past them every morning and every morning I’m like WOW SO COLOR