Cute little BART mouse

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Dolores Park in the dead of winter

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The moon last night

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That sunset

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Fall colors in the Mission

Okay so I turned up the saturation a little — but you can’t saturate what’s not there. Beautiful.

Feral hawk rules the wild animal park that is 14th and Folsom [NSFV]

As anyone who has seen this happen at some point during their daily travels through the city (or past the Metreon) can attest, it never gets any less rad, as photographer Brandon vividly describes:

The pigeon was still alive while the hawk was eating it!

Indeed.  So, Pigeon, think about that while you sit on the stoop right outside my bedroom window that doesn’t open, endlessly cooing and cooing as you go about setting up your pigeon nest.

This hawk is coming for YOU!

[Hawk photo by Brandon T.]

Bike turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mission Bicycle, via SF Bicycle Coalition on Twitter.

Holy shit, watch out for falling trees!

(Thanks for the pics, Jessica!)

Mosquitoes lately

Local bug hunter David Enos reports on this season’s particularly wicked strain of mosquito:

The mosquitoes have been out of control this year, worst in town since 2007.  I used to be an expert – I could jump directly up to the ceiling with an open palm and they’d be dead before they could move.  I can never seem to find them anymore.  I circle the bed in my undershirt like someone’s insane father.  A lady tries to pull the comforter up enough to block all the harsh overhead lights I’ve turned on.  I give up.  We both wake with bites everywhere, on jawlines, foreheads, insides of the wrists.  I finally found one, a few days ago, behind boxes in the hallway.  It was mid-day and he did not expect to be caught.  Smashed into blood, our blood, like a vampire in the basement. [link]

Congrats on your kill, David. But yeah, they’re intense this year, right?


Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell a lime and an avocado apart