Hellish temperatures in the Mission

Thanks, Tuffy!

          .                                                      .
        .n                   .                 .                  n.
  .   .dP                  dP                   9b                 9b.    .
 4    qXb         .       dX                     Xb       .        dXp     t
dX.    9Xb      .dXb    __                         __    dXb.     dXP     .Xb
9XXb._       _.dXXXXb dXXXXbo.                 .odXXXXb dXXXXb._       _.dXXP
    `9XXXXXXXXXXXP' `9XX'          `98v8P'          `XXP' `9XXXXXXXXXXXP'
        ~~~~~~~       9X.          .db|db.          .XP       ~~~~~~~
                        )b.  .dbo.dP'`v'`9b.odb.  .dX(
                      ,dXXXXXXXXXXXb     dXXXXXXXXXXXb.
                     dXXXXXXXXXXXP'   .   `9XXXXXXXXXXXb
                    dXXXXXXXXXXXXb   d|b   dXXXXXXXXXXXXb
                    9XXb'   `XXXXXb.dX|Xb.dXXXXX'   `dXXP
                     `'      9XXXXXX(   )XXXXXXP      `'
                              XXXX X.`v'.X XXXX
                              XP^X'`b   d'`X^XX
                              X. 9  `   '  P )X
                              `b  `       '  d'
                               `             '

You guys, it hit 101 degrees in the Mission!

I knew it! Thanks for the screenshot, Erin!

Does anybody have a screenshot that proves it hit 100 degrees in the Mission?

I swear it got there, but this was all I got:

Global warming rules!

Look at all these clouds!

Hooray for the rain!

[via Roger Niner]

[via Michael Gomez]

[via Stokemonster]

Two views of a spectacular sunset in the Mission

[via Honey Jets]


(Thank Goodness It’s Foggy!)

[via Tara]

The sky

[via Tara]

Beautiful sandy beach coming soon to the Dogpatch

It’s called Crane Cove Park and it’s replacing the charming industrial wasteland currently out back behind the Ramp. I’ll miss the industrial wasteland vibe, but imagine, now that we’re having 90-degree days all the time, taking a 5-minute bike ride over to CCP and jumping in the water! And then ordering a burger and a bucket of Coronas!

I can’t wait!

[via Eater SF]

I guess we’re just gonna keep having beautiful days forever

Knock on wood.

[Photo by Sami Dababo, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Bees in your walls

Local blogger anadromy tells us about his current living situation:

Some bees have made a hive inside one of my bedroom walls. I guess I’ll have to tell the landlord about it but I’ve been too busy lately. At night, the bees make a faint ticking sound above my head. I think it’s the sound of them doing whatever it is they do inside the insulation. The sound is almost exactly like the sound of rain and in the middle of the night, I wake up and forget about the bees and I get sort of happy because I love the sound of rain and we’re in the middle of a terrible drought and really need rain here. Then I wake up and remember it was just the bees. [link]

Well that’s pretty pleasant. Much more so than all those unexplained bee attacks.

[Photo by Sami Lynch]