It’s 110 degrees in the Mission right now

It was REAL hot in the Mission yesterday

Best light buttons ever!

[via Abby]

Dolores Park, deserted and grey

Remember like one day ago when it was 90 or 100 degrees out and this place was wall-to-wall people?

[Photo by Filippe-Jesse, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco haha]

In case you didn’t know, it actually reached 103 degrees in the Mission yesterday


[via Samuel O. on the Mission Mission Facebook page]

It’s hot

Sky on fire

[via Bel]

Not the best place for a pigeon nest

There are worse places for a pigeon nest, sure, such as RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW, but I have the sad suspicion that Darwin will win the day and that this pigeon is destined to suffer the same fate as his flat brethren.  I mean, they can’t all be majestic BART birds.

Is this like a global warming thing or something?

The dunes are coming for us! Nature’s fury! (Remember what happened last week?)

[via DJ Primo on Instagram]

Peeking out

Just a reminder that control is an illusion and we’re forever at the mercy of nature’s fury.

[via Kayla and Brenna]

(The Kayla link is a video btw if you wanna click on it and watch.)