The end of the rainbow… is somewhere in the Mission!

Is it Bender’s? I think it’s Bender’s.

[via Ghostface Kayla]

Big perfect rainbow over SF

[via Ginny]

Wild parrots just chillin’ on your windowsill

I thought I was lucky to have them chillin’ high up in a tree in my backyard, but this? Wowee.

[via Dory]

Cute little rainbow over the Mission

[via Evan]

Here’s what the eclipse looks like through special eclipse glasses

[via Tony]

DJ Primo on the weather


Remember yesterday when it was sunny and warm?

[via Abby]

P.S. I’m glad all my dumb friends who hate nice weather are happy now, but… :(

What early morning looks like in the Mission

I haven’t woken up before 10am in like probably 15 years, so this is pretty cool.

[via Emma]

Sunset on 22nd Street

[Photo by Dwight Long, via It's Always Sunny in San Francisco]

Hellish temperatures in the Mission

Thanks, Tuffy!

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