Bitchin’ Camaro does donuts on the Golden Gate Bridge

Clearly some illegal activity happening here, which the_ssnoopy_show posted on the Internet for the benefit of some 2,800 instagram fans and much to the chagrin of Stanley Roberts.


Report: City to repaint famous landmark

City officials announced today that they were planning to repaint the Golden Gate Bridge the color gold for its 75th anniversary. Makes sense to me. Because of the name.

(“Artist” rendering.)

Photographers everywhere are charging their batteries in anticipation. Local iPhone photography enthusiast, Mark Shotson, already has his Instagram filter picked out. “I’m going with Toaster for the way that it really makes the center of the frame pop!”

In other landmark news, local rich person Larry Ellison plans to rename Sutro Tower “Ellison’s Oracle” and then tear it down to get a better view of the fog from his mansion. He also urged city officials to make sure that the new golden bridge is painted in matte, as opposed to gloss, so the sun’s reflection doesn’t confuse America’s Cup participants. City officials were nothing but happy to oblige.

[Original photo by mindwalker2076]

‘Balls of orange-painted steel’

Holy shit. I guess this is kinda old, but back in February these crazy MFs scaled the Golden Gate Bridge, hung out for a while, took EPIC pictures, and left without getting caught (or sleeping with the fishes). Here’s a snip of their riveting tale:

I had a sure grip on the cable but could not pull my self up. My mind raced. I was about to lose my holy grail because I had let myself get out of shape. My partner in crime dropped from the rail in exhaustion and warned of approaching vehicles. Adrenaline kicked in and I willed myself onto the orange cable.  “Just go!” she yelled.

Read on at No Promise of Safety.

Way Chill SF Timelapse

We’re always suckers for a good timelapse video, and this excellent piece by MM reader Conway Twitty is no exception.  Special appearances by Dolores Park, Twin Peaks, and the Golden Gate Bridge, among others.  Furthermore, bonus points for pairing it with a mesmerizingly chill Ratatat tune!

(Thanks Conway!)