‘Balls of orange-painted steel’

Holy shit. I guess this is kinda old, but back in February these crazy MFs scaled the Golden Gate Bridge, hung out for a while, took EPIC pictures, and left without getting caught (or sleeping with the fishes). Here’s a snip of their riveting tale:

I had a sure grip on the cable but could not pull my self up. My mind raced. I was about to lose my holy grail because I had let myself get out of shape. My partner in crime dropped from the rail in exhaustion and warned of approaching vehicles. Adrenaline kicked in and I willed myself onto the orange cable.  “Just go!” she yelled.

Read on at No Promise of Safety.

17 Responses to “‘Balls of orange-painted steel’”

  1. Andy says:

    HOLE – E – SHIT.

  2. el jeffe says:

    Why wouldn’t you at least bring a harness and a coupple slings?

  3. J Mascis says:

    oh FUCK

  4. Ken says:

    Sweet. Merciful. Crap.

  5. Rank ol' FrontButt Wilson says:

    I just shit all over the couch. This photo makes me feel dead.

  6. Pedro Navaja says:

    ¡¡Anda pa’l carajo!!
    ¡¿Cómo coño?!

  7. batman says:

    batman has also shit his bat-adult diaper utility belt..(yes.. shit happen,, cant always stop for a dump)

  8. CKChew says:

    Rad rad rad.. I want to run up the GGB.

  9. tk says:

    Friend of mine did the same thing back in the mid-90′s. He said he found an empty beer can and a pile of human shit at the top.

    He wrote an article about it for The Nose. Anyone remember The Nose? That was a great magazine.

  10. SCUM says:

    I have climbed up from Fort Point and drank with a buddy under the roadway, but this is just fucking insane.

  11. This is amazing. This is on my bucket list

  12. JJ san says:

    The Stanford wrestling team (and female conspirator) did this in the 90′s as well. Not sure how common it was back then, but I figured after 9-11 this would never even be possible.

  13. Jacob says:

    This photo:

    1. Is awesome.
    2. Makes me feel like I’m going to throw up.

  14. Van says:

    Get off the Bridge you fucking hippie.

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