Great new SF timelapse

There are a bunch of cool timelapses out there on the web of Sutro fog, downtown days becoming night and all around the city. Local filmmaker and photographer Matt Maniego just released one that he’s been working on for the past year and it’s as amazing as any I’ve seen. Great shots, great editing. Make it full screen and check it out.

Last night’s Sutro sunset


Click the bottom right to make it big.

[By Mission Sunsets, via Jonathan Foote]

Way Chill SF Timelapse

We’re always suckers for a good timelapse video, and this excellent piece by MM reader Conway Twitty is no exception.  Special appearances by Dolores Park, Twin Peaks, and the Golden Gate Bridge, among others.  Furthermore, bonus points for pairing it with a mesmerizingly chill Ratatat tune!

(Thanks Conway!)