Last night’s Sutro sunset


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[By Mission Sunsets, via Jonathan Foote]

Sunset of the century

I mean, come on. That was goin’ off.

The sky is Goin Off right now.

These are just two that I grabbed, not even counting the rainbows, I can’t keep up with all the others people are posting. Add yours in the comments!

The sun sets on the playground of the future

The Sun Sets on the Playground of the Future

Saturday Sunsets

Perhaps it had something to do with that weird one-day mid-December heatwave we had yesterday, but for a few hours between 4 and 5pm, the sunset was definitely something to behold.  And it wasn’t just restricted to our wonderful Mission neighborhood, as our (GWAR-demystifying) pal Trevor demonstrates:

Woah, his camera phone is waaaaaay better than mine!


Sunset from the Sunset

Sunset from the Five

Sunset from Dragon Calvalry

Sunset Lagoon

Lagoon in the Sky

It’s not quite Gozar-weird, but this great shot by MM reader Jesse proves that the Sunset isn’t the only neighborhood with epic, well, sunsets.

He already told us the spot from which it was taken.  Can you figure it out?

[Photo]  (Thanks Jesse!)


These Sunsets