Is the Knockout haunted? And does living in SF for 10 years qualify you as a citizen?

Local bartender, musician, DJ, and all-around rad guy Josh Yule was recently interviewed in the SF Examiner, and he had some fairly interesting things to say:

I’m from Florida. I don’t want to piss off my Florida friends. Florida has a different way of thinking. Most people there aren’t forward-thinkers, they’re backward-thinkers. And that’s why I came out this way. I wanted to get as far away from the South as possible. I think I’m a San Franciscan now. I think after 10 years, I have my residency — I hope. I’ve been told by a friend who grew up here that after 10 years, I am a citizen of San Francisco.

I hope he’s right, because that means I’ll be an official citizen soon too!  There are plenty more poignant tidbits, like how to make a French 74 and whether or not the Knockout is haunted, so read on.

[Photo by the talented Beth LaBerge]

La Corde at the Knockout Tonight!

In case you were wondering about what all those crows have been doing in the Mission lately, it’s obvious from this flyer that they’re raging about the Alcoholocaust show at the Knockout tonight.  If you’re not doing anything on this fine Tuesday evening, check out my band La Corde at one of your favorite Mission bars/venues.  We’re playing last after two-piece punk brigade Culture Corpse and Oakland stalwarts High Castle, so come on down and check out some local tunes (but please leave the Marina party bus at home).

Lagoon in the Sky

It’s not quite Gozar-weird, but this great shot by MM reader Jesse proves that the Sunset isn’t the only neighborhood with epic, well, sunsets.

He already told us the spot from which it was taken.  Can you figure it out?

[Photo]  (Thanks Jesse!)


These Sunsets

FREE SHOW with Airfix Kits and Rank/Xerox at the KNOCKOUT tonight!

Free post-punk at the Knockout with some great local bands.  Airfix Kits sounds like GANG OF FOUR having a party with THE MINUTEMEN, and they even have an English-accent-sounding singer for authenticity’s sake.  Also, they’re one of Allan’s favorite SF bands (probably because they also have an Allan in the band).

Rank/Xerox is one of those bands that you can legitimately describe as “early JOY DIVISION” without getting laughed out of the room.  And of course La Corde is opening everything up with their WIPER-influenced raw sound.

The FREE SHOW starts at 9pm.  Tell the rain to fuck off and come out!

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