Is the Knockout haunted? And does living in SF for 10 years qualify you as a citizen?

Local bartender, musician, DJ, and all-around rad guy Josh Yule was recently interviewed in the SF Examiner, and he had some fairly interesting things to say:

I’m from Florida. I don’t want to piss off my Florida friends. Florida has a different way of thinking. Most people there aren’t forward-thinkers, they’re backward-thinkers. And that’s why I came out this way. I wanted to get as far away from the South as possible. I think I’m a San Franciscan now. I think after 10 years, I have my residency — I hope. I’ve been told by a friend who grew up here that after 10 years, I am a citizen of San Francisco.

I hope he’s right, because that means I’ll be an official citizen soon too!  There are plenty more poignant tidbits, like how to make a French 74 and whether or not the Knockout is haunted, so read on.

[Photo by the talented Beth LaBerge]

29 Responses to “Is the Knockout haunted? And does living in SF for 10 years qualify you as a citizen?”

  1. Chris says:

    Is anyone else tired of the continual pissing contest that seems to be how long one’s lived in the Bay?

  2. Greg says:

    No and do you pay taxes.

  3. invisiblemonkey says:

    I’d consider anyone paying rent in the city to be a “citizen”. 10 years to be considered an “adopted native” is probably more in line.

    It’s sort of like how your friends are the family you choose. The city where you reside, regardless of where you were born/raised/went to college/whatever, is where you’re really “from”.

  4. DomPara says:

    Oh, so you think the fog is your ally, do you?
    You merely moved to the Bay.
    I was born in it… Molded by it.
    I didn’t see sunlight until I was on vacation. And by then it was nothing to me but TANNING.

  5. timbo says:

    As a former Florida resident (only 8 years, so I guess I was not a citizen), I can confirm that part of the statement.

    I once read a story about a fellow who lived in China, and when western friends came to visit, there was no way for him to explain all of the strange happenings and behaviors to them except, “Becuase China.” Same rules apply to Florida. Because Florida.

  6. Gentrified out says:

    People who are “tired of the continual gentrification discussion” probably aren’t the ones who had to move out of the Mission b/c it got too expensive or had their building demolished to make way for pricey condos. Sorry to annoy you, Fuggit.

    • timbo says:

      I’m not Fuggit, and it’s a fair point. But then, while you appear to be an exception, the great majority of the folks who have been gentrified out probably aren’t the type to read this blog.

    • Fuggit says:

      I’m not annoyed at all by your post, nor should you assume annoyance on my part. The Mission is not BEING gentrified; shit’s already been done, and you’re one in a long line of people displaced by it and I’m about to find greener pastures myself. All I meant by my post was that folks are all too ready to point out the obvious in the hopes of being inflammatory. Hey, did you know water was wet? Yeah, but what’s your definition of “wet”?

  7. scum says:

    10 years gives you resident alien status at best. My friends that were born raised and in The City say that if you went to elementary school here you are native.

  8. trapgina says:

    who gives a shit. most of the people from here sound like they can barely form sentences so whatever. go die somewhere.

  9. Chalkman says:

    You are a citizen of sf when you dont leave your cig butts or trash in dolores park, otherwise you are still a fucking tourist

  10. notatransplantciscan says:

    I was kicked out of San Francisco because of the high rent, that makes me a real San Franciscan!!

  11. Ryan says:

    Localism is fucking stupid. Judge someone by their character and actions, not where their parents happened to pop them out/move them.

  12. el pito says:

    Ah, the age old question…… still argued the same way back in the day as it is today……. keep on keepin’ on hermanos y hermanas…..

  13. John Fox says:

    I think you get to call yourself a local when you’ve through both a major earthquake and an economic bubble collapse.

  14. Jefft says:

    Nobody is a native unless you’re talking Ohlone Indians. Sorry, you aren’t. You’re a townie if you grew up in SF and never left. Go try out another city sometime.

  15. Josh Yule says:

    So this is what is going on during Wheel of Fortune.