Giants shirt for people who don’t like sports graphic design

Black pennant, orange ball, SF Giants, nothing more. This minimalist design by Ian Johnson really speaks to me.

17 Responses to “Giants shirt for people who don’t like sports graphic design”

  1. Bernard says:

    no offense you could pay me to where that shirt. It looks like it was made in a cheap sweatshop in China.I pretty sure the Giants could probably sue the maker too. No bueno

  2. Brillo says:

    If El Lissitzky had been a Giants fan. Beat the orange with the black wedge!

  3. trapgina says:

    you mean “Giants shirt for people who don’t like graphic design”

    thats very ugly.

    go fuck yourself for making this whoever you are.

    • Sam Foster says:

      I’m not even a Giants fan and I whole-heartedly endorse this sentiment.


    • trapginasucks says:

      Trapgina, you have lost at the game of life, you have forced me to stoop to your level and get off at shooting troll darts at you. You suck for insulting the work of someone else, congrats on sucking at being a human being! the internet is worse off because of cretins like you.

  4. curious says:

    Are these pieces licensed by the Giants and MLB?

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Holy shit, $50?! That seems unreasonable, but then I realized that really the unreasonable part is the cost for the actual american apparel hoodie. If you factor out the overpriced sweatshirt itself, that’s not a bad deal. Seems like they should do them on better quality and cheaper sweatshirts, though, they’d sell more.

  6. droops says:

    Ian Johnson is actually an incredible artist, so you haters can just suck it.

    • trapgina says:

      nah goon, if he were an incredible artist then this sweater would be dripping wet with bitch water.

  7. Carlos AD says:

    This is certainly a joke, or a classic winner piece for the Xmas FU-Gly Sweater contest!

  8. Carlos AD says:

    Ditto on the “not a Giants fan” comment btw

  9. jim says:

    I agree, this design totally doesnt have a moustache on it or a PBR logo. so lame. I’m going to run down to the ball park and pay $150 for a licensed Hoodie right now. Shame on Park Life for taking money out of the pockets of those poor athletes and rich owners…Gothic Font rules.

    • Hmm says:

      Sadly, those hoodies run for the same cost of this one….

    • trapgina says:

      sit the fuck down with yo’ emo ass-sensational posting. go fuck yourself in half for the sideways PBR/Moustache comment. you either really really want to drink a pbr while getting a dick fucking a mustache in jordache jeans or you really do say guppy mouthed shit like this on the regular.

      i fucking hate bitch posting like this. if people are against a certain thing it does not mean people are for the alternative either. this is the shit that comes from mouths of kidults.

  10. Valerie says: