Sunset of the century

I mean, come on. That was goin’ off.

The sky is Goin Off right now.

These are just two that I grabbed, not even counting the rainbows, I can’t keep up with all the others people are posting. Add yours in the comments!

Half double-rainbow all the way; what does it mean?

DocPop snapped this stunner of a shot this morning. Following the path of that ‘bow, I can surmise that the pot of gold is at Thieves Tavern. You heard it here first… just give us a cut, okay? If there’s no gold, at least you can cash in on that $5 Tall PBR + Jameson earlybird special, which is pretty much the same thing.

Dripping Window Colors

Dripping Window Colors
The window of the K&D Market on 16th Street. Which is possibly more easily noticed as the home of this little friend.

Vegan Power