Like a Thief in the Day

Recently Rob from Thieves Tavern, over on 14th near Valencia, suggested we stop by the bar some weekday afternoon and try out some good old fashioned daytime drinking. They’re opening at noon during the week these days, so if you fancy yourself a little too rough around the edges to do your work in a coffee shop you can take advantage of their wi-fi and impressive whiskey selection. Also, if you can afford to drink coffee from Mission Beach Cafe you can also afford to walk across the street and Irish up that double cap. (note that soy lattes do not actually taste good with whiskey) Or you can just start drinking early and find new and creative ways to overtip, like the happy gentleman above.

Bonus fun fact about the whole Thieves bar empire: apparently Dirty Thieves over on 24th and Treat changed its name to The Blind Cat due to the owner losing a bet. Of course people still call it Treat Street, and they haven’t changed the sign so it’s all very confusing. I still think of Thieves Tavern as the Hush Hush, so whatever.

One Response to “Like a Thief in the Day”

  1. Ariel Dovas says:

    “The new Mission Mission: It’s not just the name that’s in stereo.”