The sun sets on the playground of the future

The Sun Sets on the Playground of the Future

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  1. Rob says:

    I’m kind of excited for this park to open up (August last I read)… It’ll be nice to have somewhere closer than Dolores to sit and eat lunch… plus new tennis courts, and soccer field. It looks nice from the sidewalk.. The decorative fence on the Valencia side, is super awesome. The “playground” looks a little meh… but kids love anything they can climb, kick or jump off of.

  2. Rec/Park is opening the new soccer field next week!

    The full park will open later this summer but the new soccer field will “officially” re-open with a small ribbon-cutting ceremony at 930am on Tuesday, May 22 followed by some soccer play with the students from Everett Middle School. The soccer field and Valencia Street play area will remain open through the rest of construction.

    Please join us! Should be a nice event and you can be among the first to try out the new soccer field.

    Patrick Hannan
    City Fields Foundation

    • sfnola says:

      Is the old playground area (with the sand) staying the same, and will it be re-opening soon?

    • Josh says:

      Great work City Fields! Good luck with the Beach Chalet process. Here’s to support for the project.

  3. wizzer says:

    As usual, someone’s got to complain about something: “the playground looks a little meh”..

    As if they know what playground design is all about, or as if the kids who will use it would call it “meh”. I don’t see your reason to say anything negative.

    This is a GREAT playground and welcome open space to the Valencia corridor.

  4. mae ann says:

    fake grass is bullshit

  5. SFKix says:

    What’s the deal with every new playground not having shade? I can’t wait for this place to open, but it will probably take 5 years for whatever stupid little tree they put in to grow enough to provide shade. I’ll just have to take an umbrella.

  6. susan says:

    I guess Im the complainer here. I hate this park. First they “accidentally had to cut down all of the beautiful huge mature trees. Then they removed all grass with cement (I mean side to side, front to back). Then they put in a bunch of kids shit even though there is a full great kids area just a few feet away. I hate it.

    • bernal says:

      Classic: Eliminating trees to make room for the kids! Remember when kids actually climbed trees?

  7. no.thanks. says:

    there is a big big big surprise coming with the new park…..the key word is….WATER.