Remember To Love Volvo

I don’t think this is in the Mission, but somebody sent it in, and I love Volvos, and love. (Thanks, Bhautik!)

Photo by captin nod.


Black Volvo Stationwagon (Video)

White Volvo Sedan (Video)

6 Responses to “Remember To Love Volvo”

  1. mission_or_noevly says:

    I see this car often near 25th & Fair Oaks. Is that the Mission or Noe Valley?

  2. I took the picture on the corner of 17th & De Haro, just at the bottom of Potrero Hill :)

  3. lambjams says:

    Ya, well I hate egotistical bastards who block the sidewalk, thinking their cars have more rights than pedestrians. That ain’t love, nor respect.

  4. Jake says:

    Once I saw it in motion and yelled “remember to love” to late for my ride to chase it for a glimpse at the driver. Who could forget to love this vehicle!?

  5. blagguy says:

    i’ve seen this Volvo driving on 18th and Dolores. Pretty cool!

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  7. porkida says:

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