Wild Kitchen Goes Legit at Atlas Cafe [Update: Canceled]


This Friday, from their new home base at Atlas Cafe, the Wild Kitchen offers, for the first time, a perfectly legal locally foraged feast:

Iso Rabins, founder of forageSF, and Joe, beloved and insanely creative chef, will join you for lively discussion on the origins of each unique dish. The meal will be four courses, each highlighting a wild foraged ingredient from our own local landscape. The menu consists of the freshest ingredients we can find, so it’s still in the works. Think foraged citrus cakes, handmade raviolis, savory roasted fennel and more.

Tickets are $40, get them here.

Update: Canceled. They’ll try again in late April.


Wild Food at the Wild Kitchen

One Response to “Wild Kitchen Goes Legit at Atlas Cafe [Update: Canceled]”

  1. Jesse says:

    Dammit. I would totally go to this (3 blocks from my apartment!) but sadly, I’ll be out of town.