Holy shit, here’s a guy surfing atop the roof of a car like Teen Wolf


[via Ellen]

9 Responses to “Holy shit, here’s a guy surfing atop the roof of a car like Teen Wolf”

  1. Zaggie says:

    I believe that police use of truncheons should be authorized after the Giants win the World Series. Literally, beat some common sense into these “fans”.

    • suckerpunch says:

      Stay home scaredy cat.

    • ofcourse says:

      Sorry, that’s only for legitimate protests that threaten government and corporate power. Way less force shown during sports riots than during Occupy protests.

      • LW says:

        Since when is rioting a legitimate form of protest?

        And, of course, you are wrong about the amount of force used in each instance. The police showed great restraint with respect to the occupy protests despite the constant attempts by the protesters to antagonize the police and provoke a response.

        Sorry, no one really cares about your whining. If you can’t participate in politics without rioting then you really shouldn’t live in a democracy.

    • troll says:

      You could use some common sense, too.

    • Joe Shlabotnik says:

      Fuck truncheons, use riot guns with #4 shot. Drop a couple of these asshole and the rest will get the message.

  2. Greg says:

    That’s the last time mom is going to let them use the car.