Gruel Goes Ninja on the Sketchers Sign

Void has the scoop:

Thought you might enjoy. It wasn’t there yesterday. 22nd & Mission.

An impressive feat of acrobatics, courage, tenacity, and vision.

57 Responses to “Gruel Goes Ninja on the Sketchers Sign”

  1. drew says:

    Thanks for screwing the neighborhood even more than a bad Sketchers marquee. I’m sick of this crap.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    That Sketchers sign has got to go. And the ugly concrete bank building across the street can go with it.

  3. reid says:

    “an impressive feat of.. vision”? i really hope you’re kidding.. this is just insanely stupid. i mean anyone can sign their name on something. tagging = lamest activity of all time. seriously. grow up.

    • joshua says:

      I bet you’ve never done anything as daring as that. I don’t tag but when I see something good or something daring, I think, hell yeah, that kid did it!
      You probably wouldn’t enjoy the movie Style Wars, its a documentary from 1983, its an even-handed look into the (then) sub culture of taggers in NY. The only people who talked shit on the taggers were old white men in business suits who spend most of their work day inside a stuffy office with stuffy staff and stuffed egos. those old men just went around thinking their OPINION were the only ones that mattered.
      tell you what, you can comment whenever you want but it won’t have an impact unless you can do it better.

      • jules says:

        Well said. A neighborhood without graffitti will most likely lack a good art, music, or underground scene of any kind. If you want to get your starbucks and walk on a street with clean, modern lines, move elsewhere.

      • Bob Dole says:

        Yah ok, Graffiti is fine as long as it isn’t on your property. Go DIAF you douche.

      • SFDoggy says:

        @Joshua: Wow what a lame defense of tagging — it was daring! ohhhh, wow! It was also incredibly stupid and now a decent looking sign has been defaced and a business has to charge the community more for the goods it sells in order to pay for cleaning it up. Wow that is certainly to be applauded!
        It is funny that you think that “style wars” was even handed — though from your description, it is obvious that the movie carefully selected graffiti opponents so as to reflect their (and your stereotypes).
        The fact is that its is the graffiti vandals who think only their opinions matter. The community has mad its views on graffiti clear — it is illegal and the vast majority of residents agree that it should remain so. But self-centered vandals don’t care about the rest of the community. (or if they do care, it is only to give the community a middle finger).
        Real artists contribute to the community not detract from it.
        Tell you what, you can make lame defenses of graffiti vandals all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact they are self-centered losers who add nothing to our communities and are despised by most residents.

  4. Keith says:

    Taggers are losers!!!

    get a life douche bag

  5. el Guapo says:

    Hey look, I can see Popeye’s !!!

  6. Gage says:

    meh…I can appreciate graffiti art and some of it is pretty damn impressive… but simple tagging is not that impressive, this guy doesn’t even have a distinctive font style or anything… it’s almost insulting to graffiti art to call it a tag. What a waste of balls to even climb out there and risk a broken neck for…. that. The dudes in Style Wars at least had STYLE.

    And Gruel? Like that lame combo of great and cool from Mean Girls? Cause that’s what I think of right off the bat when I see that… HA.

  7. deado says:

    it’s an impressive athletic feat, but…

    sorry, this is just ugly.

  8. Peter says:

    While it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing ever, anyone who can pull off something that big in an area that public and that high up, gets my respect.

    If anyone feels that their quality of life is diminished by not having an unblemished “Sketchers” sign nearby, well I’m sure you can find plenty in the suburbs.

  9. Vic Wong says:

    I’m just surprised Sketchers has such a presence in the mission. What’s next, Airwalk?

  10. I prefer when murals get tagged. It means more.

  11. Suicide Net says:

    Now if the tagger fell onto 22nd and was promptly run over. Then we got a story.

    • Bitchmade Mark says:

      I guess the people who post comments on these Tryna Be Hip “Blogs” are just milktoast softboiled whiners like, I suppose most of this New White Mission. If you don’t know what gruel is, you probably wont be smart enough to get any for yourself when that’s all there is to eat.

  12. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Just another reason not to look up. Thanks a lot. I don’t imagine the defenders of this sort of thing ever enjoy the historical features on the various Mission blogs, because the pictures on those never feature any spray-can scribbles at all.

    • joshua says:

      graffiti wasn’t that big until the late 70s. i dig culture in general, every decade had something different to express. people es people, its okay to be human sometimes, its even better when you express it.
      art isn’t supposed to be liked or understood by everyone, even more poignant is that graffiti art is only supposed to be understood by other graffiti artists. how’s that for “long hair/don’t care”.

      • Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

        That’s a pretty good argument for the death penalty for taggers: us VS them. Piss on everything that isn’t you? Thanks for making my point, bitch.

  13. slyder24 says:

    No redeeming artistic value. Second worst tag- the worst being the beautiful old Hibernia Bank building on Market. Just ugliness.

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  15. conor says:

    graffiti, especially on advertising, is the people reclaiming ownership of public space and taking it back from the corporations

    • MrEricSir says:

      Agreed — which is why I was quite pleased to see this:

    • SFDoggy says:

      It is not “people” reclaiming anything. It is just one person flipping off the entire community. “Gruel” does not speak for the people — he is just a self-centered A-hole. I much prefer corporations to that.

      • Roadkill says:

        It’s not hard to see that you much prefer corporations to a lot of things.
        And you are just the sort of frightened and bitter little robot preferred by corporations.
        What a lovely couple you make!
        And on Valentine’s Day, no less.

  16. Gianpaolo says:

    Yeah, Gruel is not that great. But why not practice on a crappy building? I always hated that sign anyway.

  17. Too many commenters here take an all-or-nothing, slippery-slope approach to tagging. Is it really that irrational to think that tagging that ugly Sketchers sign is neat but tagging someone’s garage door or Mr. Burbujuas is not? I think anything bad that happens to the Sketchers sign is an improvement.

  18. dangerousjay says:

    We have the Turk 182! of 22nd and Mission. To the dickfuck that tagged the mural at 24th and Harrison: Go tag a cop car if you want to impress me, you scrap toy pussy.

  19. ooeygooey says:

    You can be ok with grafitti or at least neutral until you grow up and have to clean it off your own house. Then it sucks. All of it.

    • Bitchmade Mark says:

      ill say it again just because.

      I guess the people who post comments on these Tryna Be Hip “Blogs” are just milktoast softboiled whiners like, I suppose most of this New White Mission. If you don’t know what gruel is, you probably wont be smart enough to get any for yourself when that’s all there is to eat.

  20. Snoopz says:

    17 REASONS

  21. B says:

    The spot’s fresh, but gruel has got work on his straight letters. Wack. C-

  22. Josh C says:

    Fact is it clearly makes people think if it’s getting this kind of response. Three cheers to bringing out people’s opinions.

  23. Mission Mistaken says:

    Hacking is the online equivalent of graffiti. I can’t imagine if someone hacked this site and fucked it up that there would be a post about the daring skill and tenacity and vision of the hacker.

  24. Gruel says:

    I’m hacking this site right now but you don’t get it.

  25. Andy says:

    Nice gruel!

  26. Andy says:

    . . . If that really is your name.

  27. 24steel says:

    Bump Gruel, unwar all you kooks who call all graff “tagging”. Please move on to Novato, Palo Alto, and Orinda…your ‘wild days in S.F.’ are over…you don’t understand this town or why people are attracted to it.
    The more you people clamor for homogenized, safe, boring corporate outlets, the more graffiti you’re going to get.
    Quit complaining, just get lost.

  28. beetheist says:

    Damn dude…I actually agree.

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  30. Duh says:

    It was already done once I might add…
    And also Cranky Old Mission Guy should be shot in the face whilst wearing a pair of his beloved sketchers.
    Asshole. :)

  31. Elina says:

    courage and vision? you must be fucking kidding me! It’s a pup pissing on someones property. Fucking do something productive with that paint.

    • Elina says:

      btw…I rent my storefront from a non profit that provides housing for homeless and addicted residents in the Mission. Several months ago, they had to pay $600 to remove acid etchings from glass. Is that really good for the neighborhood…is that really good for anyone?

  32. ELMER says:

    reconsider using glass.

    • uh-uh says:

      i like…. murals, graffiti on advertisements, stencils, sticker art, and tags on dirty bathroom walls.
      i don’t like…tags on someone’s house, tags on someone’s non-profit, tags on someone’s mural, swastika tags on someone’s anything.