Random Muni drawing

This morning on the way to work I noticed this dude across the train looking up and back down at a notebook and figured he was drawing the train or something. A few minutes later he came up to me and handed me a piece of paper. “I drew a picture of you. Here.”

That was pretty cool. I mean, just a totally random thing to catch me off guard. I dug it, so I took a pic of him with a big grin and a thumbs up and when I got into the office I did a quick sketch. I didn’t have the disadvantage of a moving train though.

Sometimes it’s the little things.

Time Travel Graffiti

Gruel raised quite a fuss a few weeks ago when he performed some acrobatic yet sloppy tagging on the Sketchers sign at 22nd and Mission.  However, commenter Duh points out that it’s been a sort of tradition to deface that obtrusive jumble of piping, as Revok so poignantly demonstrated back when the place was a Leed’s.

Jocelyn Superstar has the scoop, along with an extensive photostream of graffiti pics from the late 90′s and early ’00s (whatever that decade is supposed to be called).  Hmmm, looks like taggers have pretty much always been part of the neighborhood!


Gruel Goes Ninja on the Sketchers Sign

Google Maps Time Travel on 18th and Treat

Gruel Goes Ninja on the Sketchers Sign

Void has the scoop:

Thought you might enjoy. It wasn’t there yesterday. 22nd & Mission.

An impressive feat of acrobatics, courage, tenacity, and vision.