Muni Metro map of bars

A quite handy new guide to drinking your way through the city and letting your friendly neighborhood Muni operator be your designated driver. Thrillist put this map together, and breaks it down further on their site.

Random Muni drawing

This morning on the way to work I noticed this dude across the train looking up and back down at a notebook and figured he was drawing the train or something. A few minutes later he came up to me and handed me a piece of paper. “I drew a picture of you. Here.”

That was pretty cool. I mean, just a totally random thing to catch me off guard. I dug it, so I took a pic of him with a big grin and a thumbs up and when I got into the office I did a quick sketch. I didn’t have the disadvantage of a moving train though.

Sometimes it’s the little things.

My morning sardine run

Just another day on Muni.

Off into the sunset

Goodbye old, smelly, dirty friends.

(Okay, so it’s really the sunrise, and they’re coming from the direction of The Sunset)

At a certain point

Friday Nights Become A Blur At Some Point

Friday night tends to blur a bit.

The last Fast Pass on paper

March 2011. And that ends today. Muni Diaries puts together a nice look back at the paper Fast Pass through the ages.

in my youth ...

[photo by cbcastro]

26 Valencia Lives Forever

@johnxorz sends us this Bay to Breakers costume honoring transportation lost. (I think you could fit a lot of beer in there.)

I miss that bus.

Any other Muni-related outfits? Maybe Nate Ford holding a giant axe and burning money?

Mystical Snow Leopard

Says The Perpetual Cold:

This is a picture I snapped of a kid writing on the bus. I feel like this was my encounter with a mystical snow leopard.



Silly Kids, Tagging is for Adults

In The City We Trust

Silly Kids, Tagging Is For Adults!

Twitterer @holleratme snapped this shot on MUNI:

That’s a bit harsh isn’t it? I prefer the kid-friendly signs at the Daly City BART station:

Pedestrian Struck by Taxi on Market; Muni gives up

Biking to work down Market today, I noticed the Muni buses begin to pile up.  It was rather narrow to squeeze through but fairly safe since traffic was stagnant.  The drivers all had their doors open and were casually chatting with one another, and some were even hanging outside their buses.  Looks like this was a good day to take the Letters, unlike yesterday.

I finally approached the scene, but only emergency vehicles and the offending taxi remained.  However, my friend Aiko-Sophie witnessed the ordeal and provides the following account:

I was on the 21 and saw a pedestrian that had just been hit by a taxi.  His head was resting on the curb with his body still in the street.  Blood was coming from the back of his head.  His eyes were closed and he wasn’t moving.

Doesn’t sound very good.  Let’s hope this turns out ok.  Please be careful when crossing the street, pedestrians!  Those taxis can be maniacs, but you would not believe how many pedestrians just blindly cross Market street right in front of my bike (without looking) every week!

The taxi in question can be seen being inspected here.  MORE PHOTOS of the scene of the crime after the jump (always wanted to say that):