Muni Metro map of bars

A quite handy new guide to drinking your way through the city and letting your friendly neighborhood Muni operator be your designated driver. Thrillist put this map together, and breaks it down further on their site.

A simple, streamlined bicycle map of SF

Even though the SF bike coalition has put a ton of painstaking work into creating a thoroughly-detailed bicycle map of the city, it can appear pretty daunting to anyone glancing at it while trying to plan a riding route, and just plain overwhelming to newbie riders looking to adopt cycling as their primary means of transportation.  Fortunately, longtime cyclist Mat Kladney noticed this and decided to create a map that makes bicycling from one end of the city to the other look as simple as following a straight line:

“Need to get from Downtown to the Bernal Heights? Just follow the Blue Line,” he says. “This simplicity will re-frame the existing San Francisco bicycle lanes as the San Francisco Bicycle System and will help convince more people to saddle up and take to the streets.”

Instead of contoured lines denoting hill grade or the inclusion of every single city street, the map ends up looking like a subway system map, with popular routes like Valencia’s “Green Wave” called out.  So, the next time you’re trying to figure out the perfect route to that bike picnic at Baker Beach, just pick a color or two a ride!

[Link to map, via The Atlantic]

Rad map of the Bay Area by C’mon Pony!

C’mon Pony is responsible for a lot of wonderful things. But there’s just something about this map.

More great stuff by C’mon Pony…..

SF Secret Histories map

We love rad maps of San Francisco, and here’s one I haven’t seen before: “Secret Histories Map of San Francisco“. It’s so rad, in fact, that we will excuse the unfortunate misspelling ”Delores Park”.

A note from the artist Deth P. Sun, who debuted this piece in 2009:

Marci and I and a bunch of other friends were asked by the San Francisco Arts Commission to make work around the theme of “Trace Elements”. The idea around “Trace Elements” or what I took from it was how people don’t know about the history of things that they might pass by on the street, or how things got to where they were at and how things might have been forgotten (yeah, like Frodo and the Ring, only not). So I thought I’d make a Secret Map of San Francisco.

On the site, there are a lot of close-ups and more detailed information, some which you might know (Golden fire hydrant!) and some that you might not (the fortune cookie was invented here!). Give yourself an hour to take it in this afternoon.

I guess this begs the question: where can we score a print?

[DethPSun via Emily Heller]

Bay Area Battle

Okay, I’m prepared for the idea that it might just be me. It usually is just me. Maybe I have an acute sensitivity towards pareidolia. But when I saw the picture of the Bay Area that the astronaut took from space today I immediately recognized what was actually happening: The East Bay, San Francisco and Marin are engaged in an eternal battle for the Golden Gate!

Three great beasts. Here’s the proof:

Bay Area Battle
(Bigger version)

The original photo:

Or maybe they’re all just reaching out to gobble up the doggie biscuits that are Islands Yerba Buena, Treasure, Angel and Alcatraz.

Of course, this is not without precedent, in that I had previously revealed the East Bay Beast.

[Originally via SFist]

The Mission in watercolor

Local design and technology studio Stamen is probably best known for all of the cool interactive maps they make, like Prettymaps and Crimespotting. They’ve just released a beautiful watercolor basemap to be used with OpenStreetMap data. It’s a great day to be a map nerd.

The Mission IS San Francisco

While not as mesmerizingly beautiful as the last map we featured here, this cartographic offering more than makes up for it with controversy.  Available in a variety of colors here.

(Thanks Tony!)

San Francisco in colors

Our pal Jen just finished up this mesmerizing ink on paper depiction of San Francisco that I simply cannot stop staring at! Every block in the city is represented by a different color, separated by every street.  I think my block is lime green.  This may well be the raddest map of the city ever.

See it bigger right here, and be sure to check out the rest of Jen’s amazing stuff here!

SF Islands Poster!

Back in MayBurrito Justice imagined a world where we’d be docking our canoes on the shores of a Dolores Park Island Oasis on sunny weekends. Boy, I’d hate to be downstream from the river west of Dolores Park. The water probably runs yellow, if you catch my drift.

This  amazing SF islands map is now a poster for sale on Zazzle in three different sizes. He says you can get it in time to deliver to your San Francisco-loving friends for Christmas. It’s way better than socks!

23″ x 23″ for $25, 15″ x 15″ for $16. 11″ x 11″ for $11.

Also, here’s some visual aid, courtesy of Johnny0 (note that the treacherous conditions have had little effect on the brunch line at Boogaloos):

Low-Res Mission

Ever wonder what SF would look like rendered as an 8-bit video game map? No? Well, clearly some other nerd has. Check it out in it’s 24-color glory at 8-Bit Cities.

I hear that forest patch on the SE corner is a good place to level up.