The very wet Mission of the future, according to this awesome new poster by Burrito Justice

We’re all underwater :(

But at least now when you say “Dolores Beach” you actually mean Dolores Beach. Anyway, this is our neighborhood and its surroundings in the year 2072, according to our pal Burrito Justice and a little thing called SCIENCE.

See how the rest of SF fares, and purchase the poster in three sizes, here.

7 Responses to “The very wet Mission of the future, according to this awesome new poster by Burrito Justice”

  1. Well, absolute worst case – loss of the East Antarctic ice cap, along with some tectonic settling, which would be a stretch for 100 years, but if you hit a CO2 tipping point…

    But 25′ feet is well within the realm of feasibility if we lose either Greenland and the West Antarctic ice shelf. My mapping partner Brian Stokle has that map here.

  2. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    If I weren’t certain to be long dead, already, I would look forward to this.

  3. huh says:


  4. Dirk says:

    Ooo! I live on Clipper Rock! Looks like I’ll need a boat.


  5. Caffeinated Cabbie says:

    will everyone who lives on the third floor of their building be okay? i like the idea of the mission being the new Venice, Italy.

  6. BryanRoberts says:

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