Monster Drawing Rally at Verdi Club tomorrow!

Southern Exposure’s annual Monster Drawing Rally, a live drawing event and fundraiser, returns to the Verdi Club tomorrow night, 6-11pm.

An anecdote: The first time I went to a Monster Drawing Rally, I walked into the Verdi Club with the kind of shit-eating grin of someone who’s about to go watch a room full of people draw monsters! What could be better? (Okay, a lot of things, but hey, I like monsters.) As I pushed through the crowd, I began noticing all of the in-progress drawings: trees, birds, geometric patterns, girls… but no monsters. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. I turned to my friend, who happens to be an artist; she replied, “Maybe it’s a very broad interpretation of monster?”


That said, the Monster Drawing Rally is a pretty incredible event in its own right, monsters or none. Here’s a blurb from the website:

Demystifying a process that usually takes place in the privacy of the studio, the Monster Drawing Rally allows spectators to observe artists in the act of creation in the public domain. In keeping with Southern Exposure’s mission to provide an environment accessible to art and artists, the Monster Drawing Rally sets the stage for extraordinary interaction, providing a unique opportunity to watch a drawing come to life, and to purchase a work of art minutes after its completion.

Read on for more information and a massive list of participating artists.

6 Responses to “Monster Drawing Rally at Verdi Club tomorrow!”

  1. Caroline says:

    I am going to this and I’m amped! I have a handful of friends drawing in it and can’t wait to see what they will turn out.

  2. Julio says:

    Always awesome. Sometimes there are some sweet monsters.

  3. Adam says:

    I’m there

  4. CKChew says:

    Balls, I made the same mistake. You got me all excited. MONSTERS ARRGGGGGG

  5. Ariel Dovas says:

    Sad to miss this year.

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