Bay Area Battle

Okay, I’m prepared for the idea that it might just be me. It usually is just me. Maybe I have an acute sensitivity towards pareidolia. But when I saw the picture of the Bay Area that the astronaut took from space today I immediately recognized what was actually happening: The East Bay, San Francisco and Marin are engaged in an eternal battle for the Golden Gate!

Three great beasts. Here’s the proof:

Bay Area Battle
(Bigger version)

The original photo:

Or maybe they’re all just reaching out to gobble up the doggie biscuits that are Islands Yerba Buena, Treasure, Angel and Alcatraz.

Of course, this is not without precedent, in that I had previously revealed the East Bay Beast.

[Originally via SFist]

5 Responses to “Bay Area Battle”

  1. Gabby says:

    I was high as shit when i read this, and i completely agree. WOAH

  2. Beej says:

    It’s like the opening credits for ‘Game of Thrones’…

  3. You know who that is says:

    Looks like a fuckin moose, a boar and a snapping turtle fighting over Angel Island. What a silly thing, this Island sucks anyways…

  4. friend says:

    Bear wins – every time.

  5. Brillo says:

    Best post ever. I can’t look at the great lakes wthous seeing a running man with a distended fox head. Now the SF Bay will take on similar mythic proportions. Thanks Arial! You’re a genius.