SF Secret Histories map

We love rad maps of San Francisco, and here’s one I haven’t seen before: “Secret Histories Map of San Francisco“. It’s so rad, in fact, that we will excuse the unfortunate misspelling ”Delores Park”.

A note from the artist Deth P. Sun, who debuted this piece in 2009:

Marci and I and a bunch of other friends were asked by the San Francisco Arts Commission to make work around the theme of “Trace Elements”. The idea around “Trace Elements” or what I took from it was how people don’t know about the history of things that they might pass by on the street, or how things got to where they were at and how things might have been forgotten (yeah, like Frodo and the Ring, only not). So I thought I’d make a Secret Map of San Francisco.

On the site, there are a lot of close-ups and more detailed information, some which you might know (Golden fire hydrant!) and some that you might not (the fortune cookie was invented here!). Give yourself an hour to take it in this afternoon.

I guess this begs the question: where can we score a print?

[DethPSun via Emily Heller]

8 Responses to “SF Secret Histories map”

  1. Oh come on says:

    ‘delores park’


  2. Sam Fronsisko says:

    Difficult to trust with such an obvious error, no?

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


  4. COMG says:

    Deflower-us Park

  5. MoBee says:

    It cuts off a southern chunk of the city (just like the free tourist maps). I actually don’t mind staying on the QT down here, but it still smarts a bit and is generally unfortunate and inaccurate.