LA’s Tierra Mia Coffee moving into Valencia and Mission

Tierra Mia Coffee, a southern California-based coffee shop, is moving into the Mission and Valencia storefront formerly known as Caffeinated Comics and more recently the short-lived Way Out CafeIt seems well-loved in LA, but running a cafe in that location has so far bombed. We’ll see if they can overcome that curse and San Francisco’s general coffee snobbery.

Personally, I’m not interested in any coffee beans that haven’t passed through the digestive tract of an Asian palm civet.

24 Responses to “LA’s Tierra Mia Coffee moving into Valencia and Mission”

  1. scum says:

    What about this coffee Vic?

  2. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    I don’t imagine they’ll be any more successful than the other places to try in that locale. I think it’s just a bad location for some reason. But, since Nervous Dog’s closure a few months ago, La Lengua is hurting for decent coffee joints, so who knows.

  3. timbo says:

    Yeah, that spot is totally cursed. Doomed to fail. But at least maybe these guys have some dollars to pour into it so it can limp along a little longer than it would have otherwise.

  4. LenaDumbass says:

    Your interests are stupid.

  5. Schlomo says:

    Seriously, why make another coffeeshop when what we really need is another taqueria?

  6. Allan Hough says:

    Dang, Way Out was mod-themed, right? I’d been meaning to go for a while. But of course “meaning to” just doesn’t count.

  7. Travis says:

    Way Out was a great looking place, but I think any cafe in that space will suffer the same bootstrapping challenge.

    Nobody wants to hang out in a place where no one else is. 24th street and Valencia are well stocked with places that you can find other people to sit around with.

  8. RonMonster says:

    That area of the Mission/Valenica has life but that specific location is bad no matter what business goes in.
    I walk by it daily, but usually on the east side of Mission.
    There is a GREAT cafe out in this no-man’s land next to Herbal Mission called Coffee Shop.

    • Lindsey says:

      A “GREAT cafe” with $5 iced coffee. No thanks.

    • cTo says:

      All the La Lengua locals go to Cafe 78, hidden away at Tiffany and 29th.

      I think part of the problem with the Caffeinated Comics/Way Out location is that with all those windows facing the street it’s just too exposed and noisy. There’s a traffic light there for the Valencia/Fair intersection, so there’s often traffic idling there, and also a bus stop across the street.

      • RonMonster says:

        Don’t split hairs on its location and microhood lines.

        Great Cafe. Prices are what they are and this is SF. In Mexico City I got a bacon wrapped hotdog for <$1, on Mission St $3.

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          No. $5 for an iced coffee is a rip-off, any which way you look at it.

  9. I used to go to the Way Out when I first moved to the Transmission/La Langua area. It was a cool place but I could feel it not attaining ‘operating mass’. Super-nice people, however.

    RonMonster is spot-on with his Coffee Shop reco. I go here almost every day. Owner/operator Wilson will do you right.

    The Tierra Mia website looks decent. Maybe they’ll throw enough money at it to make it stick?

  10. Whose Urban Now? says:

    A chain …..

  11. Snake Plissken says:

    Was Way Out Cafe the place that Deborah the server from Puerto Alegre opened up? That sucks if so. She’s super cool.

  12. Hater says:

    Great news for Bernal Heights, what does this have to do with The Mission?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Not sure what it has to do with Bernal Heights. This is in La Lengua.

  13. TinyTim says:

    I will only drink coffee at a place where in the upstairs flat the hand-picked beans are hand-roasted in tiny batches on a tiny stove, hand-brewed 4.5 minutes after hand-grinding, served in a hand-warmed ceramic cup (7.5 oz.) and hand-carried down the stairs to the cafe and handed to me with a handsome smile–Handyman Tim, who handily hands off his handkerchief to the invisible hand.

  14. BeatsMe says:

    Taco Bell rocked that spot for many years, perhaps they’d come back