Mystical Snow Leopard

Says The Perpetual Cold:

This is a picture I snapped of a kid writing on the bus. I feel like this was my encounter with a mystical snow leopard.



Silly Kids, Tagging is for Adults

In The City We Trust

13 Responses to “Mystical Snow Leopard”

  1. carlos says:

    have ya ever told a tagger that their shit sucks as they’re doing it? they get mad

  2. Andy says:

    I’m waiting for that bus to jerk to a start, sending that teen’s head straight into the next seat.

  3. Sheabones says:


  4. Truff says:

    Except that a snow leopard is actually a beautiful wild and rare animal and this is just some talentless moron so lacking in brain power and/or creativity he thinks artless scribbling on a the side of a city bus makes him cool.

  5. Jay says:

    That’s so expressive. The tagging, I mean.

  6. Charels Nibbly says:

    C’mon graffiti fan bois, where’s all the “oh it’s a young artist in growth” yada-yada.

  7. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Dude, as long as you’re squatting like that, why not take a dump out the other end, too?

  8. Bob Dole says:

    I guess the graffiti fan boys are realizing Muni service is starting to suck ass and that this drain on resources puts their morning daily commute at peril.

  9. joshua says:

    I really wish they’d do a paint by numbers series.

  10. great person says:

    He could of been a magical wizard sent from the past to write down our empending doom. “All I see is, crime in the city.” You know something we need to know.
    Let’s get em all.

  11. not threatened by letters says:

    i like graffiti – don’t stop doing your thing, people.

  12. ankir hsk says:

    does anybody know what he wrote?