The best B2B photo so far… (NSFW)

Via our pal Jake, who pithily adds:

San Francisco: “A place to grow up.”

UPDATE!!! Commenter Jaime Q has the following to say about this:  ”I took this picture two years ago at B2B and it is still going around. I never got credit for it though.”

The best part of Bay to Breakers?

It’s not really a question, it’s more of a fact. The highlight of this year’s Bay to Breakers was the return of KID CHICKEN, the best dancer in the Panhandle under the age of 12

This kid’s got moves I’ve never seen.  Check out the video from his 2009 performance and TELL ME this Kid Chicken isn’t bound for greater things beyond dancing for drunken onlookers once a year.

[Video via Mike Cuffe]

26 Valencia Lives Forever

@johnxorz sends us this Bay to Breakers costume honoring transportation lost. (I think you could fit a lot of beer in there.)

I miss that bus.

Any other Muni-related outfits? Maybe Nate Ford holding a giant axe and burning money?

Ferocious Few at B2B


A bit refreshing to see a little piece of the Mission while in enemy territory.  They were belting out their ferocious rhythms at the end of the Panhandle and attracting quite a crowd.  Seems like they made some new fans, too!  I managed to count quite a few wasted sorority chicks approaching between songs trying to make out with them while mumbling, “So what are you guys called?  The Precocious Two?  I love you guys!”

One of them even tried to steal a t-shirt, but she was apprehended and reprimanded by the supportive crowd.  Her response?  Well, there’s not much you can do when outed as a kleptomaniacal douchebag other than a double-fisted middle finger salute.  Marriage material right there, eligible bachelors.


Buskers Busted

The Ferocious Four

Ferocious in the Streets

The Ferocious Few Rocks Out