Time Travel Graffiti

Gruel raised quite a fuss a few weeks ago when he performed some acrobatic yet sloppy tagging on the Sketchers sign at 22nd and Mission.  However, commenter Duh points out that it’s been a sort of tradition to deface that obtrusive jumble of piping, as Revok so poignantly demonstrated back when the place was a Leed’s.

Jocelyn Superstar has the scoop, along with an extensive photostream of graffiti pics from the late 90′s and early ’00s (whatever that decade is supposed to be called).  Hmmm, looks like taggers have pretty much always been part of the neighborhood!


Gruel Goes Ninja on the Sketchers Sign

Google Maps Time Travel on 18th and Treat

12 Responses to “Time Travel Graffiti”

  1. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    “Hmmm, looks like taggers have pretty much always been part of the neighborhood!”

    Hmm, no they haven’t, Andrew Sakarati. All you have to do to know different is to look at the Burrito Justice blog.

    The stuff you’re posting about doesn’t even cover recent history for anyone old enough to have kids, let alone grand-kids, so quit pretending you speak for the neighborhood. “The neighborhood” is all of us, for a very long time — you don’t get to define it just because you have attitude.

  2. Duh says:

    It’s true Graffiti is a recent phenomena (since the 1980′s here) however it is here to stay like all the other crap we must deal with now a days. I don’t see how even the worlds oldest man, can be upset with the defacing of a giant Sketchers sign.
    It doesn’t matter. You lose.
    The point of it is to piss you off. They win, you lose.
    As a pro Death Penalty, pro Corporation, Cranky Old Mission Guy, I think that you will find yourself a tiny minority in my neighborhood.

    “Cranky Old Mission Guy Says:
    That’s a pretty good argument for the death penalty for taggers: us VS them. Piss on everything that isn’t you? Thanks for making my point, bitch.”

    “People who don’t change will find themselves like folk musicians, playing in museums and local as a motherfucker.”

    - Miles Davis

  3. ELMER says:

    That’s not a “Tag”. please get the jargon square or stick to tree plantings and mismatched sock sightings.

  4. Instructor. Graff Room 4 says:

    yep ^ and a fill-in, too… hell its practically a piece…a “Tag” is a one line word or symbol in spray or ink, a step below a “hollow”.

    Class dismissed…now go out and practice.

  5. Andrew Sarkarati says:

    cool good to know

  6. Is it fair to say there is both Good & Bad Graffiti?
    Personally I really like “Banksy’s” work (UK Graff artist) – Really cool stuff..

  7. John Lennons graffiti wall in Prague is one of the best I have seen.


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  9. Toby Maddern says:

    That may seem good although i am just still less than certain that I favor it. Anyways will look far more into it and decide personally! :)