The brunch unicorn

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Legitimate Graffiti

So perhaps this is the only acceptable form of graffiti?  It’s hard  to categorize a mustachioed unicorn as legitimate, but if tagging up the Sketcher sign can incur such community vitriol, then I suppose this is what we end up with.

Stopping by to check out a punk rock party at someone’s house (nice work bands!  more DIY shows please!), I noticed that a whole apartment wall had been dedicated to just let taggers do whatever the hell they wanted.  Fantastic idea, but I could have done without the acrid aerosol odor permeating the whole place.  And all the Fubar.

Of course, Y2K Beavis made it all worthwhile.


I have absolutely no idea what this dance party is about but it’s a goddamn tatted unicorn smoking a cigarette.

Unicorn Power

Whoever made this is my new favorite finger painter.

(photo by pagedesign)

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I Think You're Really Really Special


Valencia St., sometimes you speak for yourself.

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