SFGate: Mission Bartenders Are A Bunch Of Meanies

This Mission’s own Revolution Cafe and Zeitgeist were singled out as two of the meanest SF bars in this City Brights post by Harmon Leon. Hey, stop laughing! He’s a really sensitive guy, and they hurt his feelings. Mr. Leon, who at the time of this post was on the phone crying to his mommy, was not available to comment.

Seriously, though. Don’t be mean. Best jerked-around-by-Zeitgeist-’tenders story gets a bloody mary on me.

(via Brizz @ Uptown Almanac)

9 Responses to “SFGate: Mission Bartenders Are A Bunch Of Meanies”

  1. Sheeit, I walked into ZG once and was handed a free beer by the dude who always wears the bicycle cap.

    I was yelled at when I *asked* about the no-photos thing. “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!” “Uh, my camera’s in my ba-” “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!”

    Seriously, tip well and don’t be a dipshit.

  2. RZBBZR says:

    About 6 weeks ago I went into Zeitgest with 2 friends (we all work in bars/ restaurants, btw.) We ordered a pitcher of beer and 3 shots of tequila- 1 Cazadores and 2 Herradura Añejo. Bartender pours 3 shots of Cazadores…we figure it was a miscommunication and decide to let it go… But then the bartender grabs 2 more shot glasses and starts reaching for the Herradura. I stop him, saying we only wanted 3 shots. He flips around and spits “Well, that’s not what you ordered!” Over the top reaction. The stupid thing is, my friends, not wanting to piss him off further completely took fault for the misunderstanding. Miscommunication is miscommunication. No one was at fault and no need to be a complete dick.

  3. Jeff D says:

    it really is time to stop talking about this story, folks.

    having said that, let me just add that Harmon Leon has as his job pranking people, often on television. he should grow a slightly thicker skin or risk being a poster boy for a certain kind of psychological disorder.

  4. enemyofbadger says:

    i’m throwing down a lifetime banhammer on the geist. a friend got kicked out because her swedish friend whom is not accustomed to our american tipping ways got bitched out at the bar. while ordering some food and mentioning said tenders bitchiness the food guy kicked her out. if you’re going to front like you’re all hard and badass don’t be such a pussy that you can’t take some criticism. dropped in this saturday around 3, first up at the bar for some bloody marys and saw a tatted long haired version of ratso rizzo behind the bar yell at a woman for not tipping enough until she threw some more dollars at the bar and scampered away. moved out back jockying for picnic table space whilst the marina girls in summer dresses mingled with the barflys, bikers, and missionistas. subsequent trip up got yelled at for moving closer to where the server was pouring my pitcher. a little while later someone in our party got kicked out for wearing petiole oil. the bartender who looked like heidi if she happen to be on a roller derby squad, said if our friend went home and showered and came back they’d give her a free drink. this is aroma descrimination if i’ve ever seen it. i smelled many a dirty dawg walking around so it wasn’t a blanket wierd smell ban, just petiole oil. later that night having a delicious slice at pi bar the same swiss rollerskater came in so my friend sat next to her at the bar asking about the incident. her response was a convaluted tale of the owner not liking the smell and it had nothing to do with a hatred of all things hippie. if you want a bartender with character head over to blooms saloon in potrero hill. there is a difference between being surly and a character and just a dick.

  5. fuckthisplace says:

    2 words……Ryan Park

  6. henry says:

    yup, thin skinned chumps at Zeitgeist.

    I was there one time and the people at a nearby table were signing a song and cheering about something. One of the guys comes over and yells about how people live upstairs and the bar isn’t a sporting event. Yeah, ok…so they settle down but one of them makes a comment about living RIGHT above a notoriously rowdy bar then another makes a comment about the bouncer being a bit sensitive.

    That totally lit him up and he came over and said “I hear what you said about me” and he then kicked the GIRL out who hurt his feelings.

    Yeah, for a bunch of so called tough guys they are the biggest bunch of pussies ever. My little niece can take a jab better than those sissies.

  7. nothanks says:

    if you’re still going to zeitgeist at this point then we pretty much can’t trust your judgment anyways.

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  10. fthem says:

    I was once in there and people at the table before us got kicked out for smuggling in beers. Okay totally legit. What wasn’t legit is when the shift changed and the new bouncer saw a bunch of bottle caps lying around from beers they don’t sell. They grab the girl next to me’s bag when she isn’t looking and dump it out and search it on the next table. Its was a pretty small purse, so i’m not sure how they thought she had a six pack in there. The worse part it was so noisy and crowded she didn’t even initially notice till it was empty and her tampons were in his hands. They just put everything back and didn’t even say anything.