Desperate bike thieves possibly using C4 explosives

… either that, or there are some bad drivers near the Zeitgeist bike racks.

Zeitgeist is up for best SF bar in some poll by SFist, by the way. They are up against Smuggler’s Cove, which has fruity tropical drinks and pirate stuff. Fair comparison? Vote for them, if they haven’t already alienated you with their surly demeanor.

Tequila Palm Tree

Philz Expansion Planz

As one of the most revered coffee shops (gauged by Craigslist Missed Connections per week) in the Mission, Philz is always on the lookout for ways to increase the number of ways to serve you, the customer.  We’ve seen cupcakes, donuts, and empanadas; but we haven’t truly gotten a sense of the cafe’s plans for 24th Street domination until now, thanks to secret documents recently unearthed by local rabble-rouser brainslip:

El Philzolito
Burritos, tacos, etc. Chipz $0.50.

Porta-Potty packed smokey watering hole.

Palestinian take on upscale sausage.

Phjlz Belgian Phrjtz
Benelux cone-based appetizers.

Read on for the rest.

[Photo by Premshree Pillai]


Deal of the Year: $200 Annual Bottomless Miller Pint at Clooney’s

Behold, The Zeitgeist Tamale Burger (NSFV)

The age-old dilemma.  You show up at Zeitgeist famished and order one of their delicious burgers.  You do the time and wait the requisite 10-15 minutes while anxiously downing a beer, your mouth salivating from the aroma emanating from the grill and your ears perking up every time the cook shouts another name across the yard (or wait–I guess they don’t do that anymore?).

Finally, the moment of truth arrives, and just as you sit down back at your table ready to devour that poor defenseless hamburger, your hear that familiar siren song, “Tamales, tamales!”  But damn, you just got a burger!  What to do, what to do?

The Zeigeist Tamale Burger.  That’s what you do.  An unholy alliance of beef, bun, masa, pork, and Tapatio.  Take that KFC Double-Down!

Zeitgeist Infiltration

Carlos managed to snap some unencumbered photos of his friends while at Zeitgeist yesterday.  Did they get tossed out by the notoriously fickle security dudes?

Find out for yourself.



SFGate: Mission Bartenders Are A Bunch Of Meanies

Live Above Zeitgeist!

A Few Changes At Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist Scene

If you go to Zeitgeist right now the front door is blocked off and the new entrance is on the Valencia side of the patio. According to the doorman they had to make some upgrades or repairs which cast light on a few other code violations and now the whole place is getting a facelift. It seems the biggest changes are the removal of the porta potties with the addition of actual bathrooms over in the far (Southeast) corner of the outdoor area, and that the bar will now be open to the outside, so you can order from the deck under the overhang. I wasn’t sure if the original entrance would be restored or if we’ll be strolling directly onto the patio from the street for good.

It sounds like the overall flow of the space will be different, but that it won’t have much effect on the atmosphere that we all love to hate. People will still come by looking to have a nice chat with the bartender while they mix up their Harvey Wallbanger and end up running home in a tizzy to get on Yelp and write about wishing there was a way to give a bar no stars. Which is exactly, I assume, how we all want it.

Anyway, here’s a bonus bar doodle:



My buddy Eric found the zine depicted by The Zeit Guide (hrmph, I like my spelling better) on top of a mailbox near his place.  Looks like they’re just getting started, but the zine they uploaded already contains some gems, such as:


Fast.  And loud.

If you don’t know what he just said, don’t ask him to repeat, just shout yes.  The more trouble for him, the worse the look, and the more questionable the preparation of food.

Don’t hover.  They’ll take longer and yell at you.

More tips for survival can be found here.  Let’s hope that these folks can keep it up!


Live Above Zeitgeist!

SFGATE:  Mission Bartenders Are a Bunch of Meanies

A Zeitgeist Sans Smoke

Virginia the Undead Tamale Lady

SFGate: Mission Bartenders Are A Bunch Of Meanies

This Mission’s own Revolution Cafe and Zeitgeist were singled out as two of the meanest SF bars in this City Brights post by Harmon Leon. Hey, stop laughing! He’s a really sensitive guy, and they hurt his feelings. Mr. Leon, who at the time of this post was on the phone crying to his mommy, was not available to comment.

Seriously, though. Don’t be mean. Best jerked-around-by-Zeitgeist-’tenders story gets a bloody mary on me.

(via Brizz @ Uptown Almanac)

A Brief History Of Yo

First, an old video of Mission locals Dr. Popular and Kiya (yeah, Self Edge Kiya) nonchalantly SHREDDING on their yos while interviewing for KRON 4. (Bonus: it’s the same awkward correspondent that interviewed Broke Ass Stuart some time ago):

Next, Kiya posted this bit of history in the comments of the last Yo-Yo-related post and I thought it was too interesting not to share:

The Mission yoyo craze started many years ago when Doc moved from Minneapolis to the Mission and lived with me for a while on 22nd street.

I have a yoyo club which he’s a part of called The Consortium of Yo, we used to be sponsored by Zeitgeist and for years there was a COY x Zeitgeist yoyo you could buy at the bar that had both our logo and the Zeitgeist logo/motto on the side-caps.

Also, another bit of trivia… I named the fried pickles dish at Weird Fish/Benders, hence the name Fried Yoyos.

Doc is the Bay Area’s yoyo ambassador, 2nd Place World Champion, and a famous hair model.

Kiya: Still got any of those Zeitgeist-branded yo-yos buring a hole in a box in your garage? We must learn your ways.

Ok no more yo-yo posts this month, I promise.