3D City: Beeautiful People

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Jei Cheetah, seen above rocking a two handed yo-yo routine, has been a regular at the yearly Bay Area Classic competition in Golden Gate Park. There aren’t many furries competing at yo-yo competitions these days, but I’m kind of hoping this is a trend we’ll see grow. Not just in yo-yoing… table tennis, climbing, skiing, everywhere. Put a fuzzy red fox suit on a pitcher and I bet it’d make baseball more fun to watch.

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A Brief History Of Yo

First, an old video of Mission locals Dr. Popular and Kiya (yeah, Self Edge Kiya) nonchalantly SHREDDING on their yos while interviewing for KRON 4. (Bonus: it’s the same awkward correspondent that interviewed Broke Ass Stuart some time ago):

Next, Kiya posted this bit of history in the comments of the last Yo-Yo-related post and I thought it was too interesting not to share:

The Mission yoyo craze started many years ago when Doc moved from Minneapolis to the Mission and lived with me for a while on 22nd street.

I have a yoyo club which he’s a part of called The Consortium of Yo, we used to be sponsored by Zeitgeist and for years there was a COY x Zeitgeist yoyo you could buy at the bar that had both our logo and the Zeitgeist logo/motto on the side-caps.

Also, another bit of trivia… I named the fried pickles dish at Weird Fish/Benders, hence the name Fried Yoyos.

Doc is the Bay Area’s yoyo ambassador, 2nd Place World Champion, and a famous hair model.

Kiya: Still got any of those Zeitgeist-branded yo-yos buring a hole in a box in your garage? We must learn your ways.

Ok no more yo-yo posts this month, I promise.

A Yo-Yo Genius Walks Among Us

I started following Doctor Popular on a whim from a comment he left a few days ago. Little did I know he also happens to be a goddamned Yo-Yo wizard. Check out this bitchin’ yo executed in Clarion Alley:

I sincerely hope this starts a Mission Yo-Yo craze the likes of which has not been seen since the Duncan Yo-Yo Team toured elementary schools around the US in the ’80s.

The good doctor also happens to be a game designer, illustrator, tailor, and rapper (he produced the song in the vid too). Save some talents for the rest of us, would ya Doc?