Street Justice

A while back, a reader wrote in with this picture of the bed of a black Nissan filled with what looked like might be evidence of a bike theft ring. Today, Man Freckles tells us about a red Nissan apparently known to be part of a bike theft ring:

So last night I went to the Dover Club with some friends to have a mild sunday game of pool, while bobby the bike thief was stealing friends bike wheels.  We Knew exactly where to go to get the wheels back. We went over to 24th and york looked in the red nissan truck and see all the wheels inside. We try to talk to him, no luck. SO the truck is opened and wheels given back while my friend is drunk and pissed and smashes the windshield with a bike lock. STREET JUSTICE !

Are these trucks one in the same? New paint job or what?

In any case, read on to see how MF’s story ends.

[Photo by Jeremiah M.]

22 Responses to “Street Justice”

  1. SCUM says:

    Pops has to be the worst smelling bar in The City.

  2. Justin says:

    Why didn’t anybody call the police?

    Might be more effective than costing this guy $100 for a new window.

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Love a happy ending!

  4. hoboking says:

    It’s Dovre club btw.

  5. el stev says:

    Wyatt Earp status.

  6. Daddy says:

    I live right there street and saw the whole thing from my window.

    Too bad the kids smashed some other guys truck. Seems like the bike thief wasn’t the notorious Bobby but some crackhead / whoever who steals shit for Bobby / with Bobby? Who knows. But what actually happened, and Man Freckles shouldnt be such a happy bitch about it all, is that yes the stolen goods were in a red truck, but a very similar red truck that belongs to some old dude, not Bobby.

    Bobby’s truck is different, so the thief put the wheels in the wrong truck, and obviously they likely didnt know that, but the moral of the story is two wrongs don’t make a right. Go FEB yourself silly to your D Park orgy, and try not to be an asshole, and don’t smash shit. Unless you’re hitting Bobby in the face. That would be great.

  7. Radio Bemba says:

    “Bobby’s truck is different, so the thief put the wheels in the wrong truck,” ··········· Wrong truck or *right* truck; stolen shit is stolen shit. So, old dude decided to leave crap that wasn’t his in his ride so that he could joyride it around town?

  8. Daddy says:

    From the story it happened that night in a very short timespan. The “old dude” who has NO FAULT in this situation very likely didnt check his truck at 10:30 at night for stolen goods.

    I wonder why. I always go check my car at 10:30 just to see if a crackhead put stolen wheels into my car.

    • oh says:

      so how did the wheels get in the “wrong” truck? who leaves their car unlocked? sucks for the guy if he had no involvement but there were stolen goods in his locked car.

  9. Chaunce C. Graves says:

    Hey, that truck bed looks like a shop/ bike farm thing NOT a thief; not much market for used spokes and all those loose parts…Thieves keep it together and try to move it fast.

  10. lee ving says:

    There’s also a fencing operation going on at 20th and Mission. You know, those dudes that stand on the northwest corner all day. Shitbag crack and meth heads bring them stolen goods and they stick it in a van usually parked right there on 20th. The cops know that this is going down, but are apparently unable to do anything about it.

    • marco says:

      Exactly. It’s been that way for over 10 years. The cops know it, everyone in the neighborhood knows it. But it never changes. Stolen goods and social security cards. Same shady dudes, day in, day out, year in, year out.

  11. T.C. says:

    If everyone knows “Bobby” and his red truck, how about posting his license plate number up here so we can all keep an eye open for it?

    Feels good to know there are people in the neighborhood that are sick of the bullshit that goes on around here.

    proof that you’re never to old to get involved-

  12. JON says:

    I think the black truck one is the metal recycling guy that goes around to bike shops and picks up scrap metal. Pretty sure he’s just trying to get by by selling scrap aluminum that bike shops throw away. At least that photo looks like his truck bed and his bins.