A Drama Talk & Drinks special: The future of SF nightlife

Ignoring The Space Between Windows
[file photo by Ariel]

As a passionate theater and event-goer, Brittany went to a forum on the future of SF’s nightlife amid recent closings due to economic and cultural shifts in the city, as well as neighbor complaints. Here’s her report:

Empty Sign
[file photo by Ariel]

People are moving into cities for a reason. We endure small apartments, high prices and the discomfort of living on top of each other to gain access to the inspiration and entertainment that comes with being surrounded by crazy creative people. Arts and culture are the lifeblood of what makes any city unique, particularly San Francisco.

I review theater here because I want to shine a light on one element of what makes our city so great (even if I don’t always love what I see). So when I heard CMAC (California Music and Culture Association) was hosting a “Supervisor Nightlife and Entertainment Forum” allowing Supervisor candidates to “discuss their visions for the future of nightlife and culture in San Francisco.” I wanted to hear what they had to say.

Something About The Elbo Room
[file photo by Ariel]

With the SF Bay Guardian closing announcement happening earlier in the day, the conversation about what will happen to SF if our arts and culture can’t make the rent seemed more urgent than ever. Which is why it was disconcerting that only three candidates — Supervisor Scott Weiner, Supervisor Jane Kim, and Juan-Antonio Carballo — out of six who were invited to participate even made it to the event.


A Few Changes At Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist Scene

If you go to Zeitgeist right now the front door is blocked off and the new entrance is on the Valencia side of the patio. According to the doorman they had to make some upgrades or repairs which cast light on a few other code violations and now the whole place is getting a facelift. It seems the biggest changes are the removal of the porta potties with the addition of actual bathrooms over in the far (Southeast) corner of the outdoor area, and that the bar will now be open to the outside, so you can order from the deck under the overhang. I wasn’t sure if the original entrance would be restored or if we’ll be strolling directly onto the patio from the street for good.

It sounds like the overall flow of the space will be different, but that it won’t have much effect on the atmosphere that we all love to hate. People will still come by looking to have a nice chat with the bartender while they mix up their Harvey Wallbanger and end up running home in a tizzy to get on Yelp and write about wishing there was a way to give a bar no stars. Which is exactly, I assume, how we all want it.

Anyway, here’s a bonus bar doodle: