Sebastien Giniaux Quartet at Revolution Cafe tonight

While it’s more popular than ever, Gypsy Jazz is still somewhat of a novelty in the US, mostly enclosed within a festival circuit and core group of acoustic guitar nerds (myself included). In Paris, however, “Jazz Manouche” is a part of the culture. Guitarist Django Reinhardt was one of the very first international European jazz stars, and is highly revered by all generations of French musicians to this day.

Sebastien Giniaux is one of the greatest young guitarists in this style in Paris, and therefore probably one of the best in the world. I’d be hard pressed to think of any world-class guitarist of any style that wouldn’t be blown away by his virtuosic technique and endless improvisational ideas. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform an intimate house concert on Sunday, and he was incredible.

Tonight Seb plays at Revolution Cafe with his quartet from 8:30pm-11:30pm. If you want to see something amazing, stop by, even if it’s just for a couple of tunes.

Here’s a clip of Sebastien (left) playing with another amazing French player, Adrien Moignard:

Tonight: Trio Zazi – French Music Via the Netherlands

These Dutch babes will be back at Revolution Cafe tonight. Last time, they were called La Gaîté, now the are Trio Zazi. Perhaps Swedish melodic death metal band At the Gates took issue with their old name? Who knows.

They play a blend of French chanson and original compositions. They are also total sweethearts. Show starts at 8:30pm and Gypsy Jazz group Panique will be opening.

Check out this video of them demonstrating their impeccable classical training (while wearing revealing French maid outfits):

See you there!

Gypsy Jazz Legend Robin Nolan at Revolution Cafe Tonight

I’m totally stoked that Robin Nolan is performing at Revolution Cafe tonight.

Robin is a certifable guitar god from Amsterdam that plays Django Reinhardt-style jazz, with his own unique spin. He can shred the Django stuff with the best of them, but isn’t afraid to let his rock and experimental influences make their way in the mix. For example, check out his bitchin’ AC/DC “For Those About To Rock” intro to his recent set in Seattle:

He also literally wrote the book(s) on this style of music that everyone, including myself, learned from.

The show goes from about 9pm-12am and there’s no cover, so be sure to tip these guys a lot. And who knows, I might be joining them for a couple of tunes. This place tends to be a shit show every night, so get there early if you want a seat.

[photo by gadjoboy]

Boogaloos Mobbed at Noon on a Friday


Is this even normal?  I was always under the impression that as long as you didn’t try to go to this place during the ridiculously crowded weekends, you would be okay.  Instead, perhaps owing to the welcome afternoon sunshine, the spot was packed with a waitlist at least ten-deep, so $4 mimosas had to be replaced with the $6 ones down the street at Revolution Cafe.

At least it meant that we got to hang out at the 22nd Street Parklet with these guys:



Boogaloos: New Menus Means New Prices

Bike Racks For Boogaloos (and Friends)

22nd Street Parklet to Include Big-Ass Marimba

Mission Community Block Party This Saturday

Mission Community Block Party takes place this Saturday, June 19th 11am-3pm in front of Revolution Cafe on 22nd and Bartlett. There should be lots of food, live music, and dance performances. Full details here.

Also, after Sirron Norris and CUBA made nice last week regarding the mural on that corner, it looks like they will be inviting YOU to take part of their new mural collaboration! Please try to resist the urge to hide a bunch of dongs in there.

Come paint a piece of our new community mural! Anyone and everyone can come paint their part of a mural! A blank canvas for you to paint your piece of the Mission! Artists Sirron Norris and CUBA will return afterward to tie it together into a unified mural. All are welcome to contribute their part of a mission mural! On the side of Revolution Cafe.

[Thanks for the heads up, J-Lub]

California Honeydrops At Revolution Cafe Tonight

Probably my favorite bay area band, The California Honeydrops, just got back from touring the Netherlands and are playing at Revolution Cafe tonight. Rev has their alcohol serving privileges restored, for now… so it’s safe to go back.

Go listen to some infectious rhythm and blues, ask them about the Dutch, and try to figure out what those chest-high curvy things are supposed to be used for new parklet installation. The ‘drops drop at 8pm and will be playing ’til 11pm. There’s no cover charge, so be sure to tip.

[photo by mhwing]


The California Honeydrops Talk BART Busking

Colorful Massacre at Revolution Cafe

Each patron refused to acknowledge the scene in the middle of the room, trying to forget it ever happened, trying to pretend everything would be okay as the piano player solemnly maintained his fugue.  What was going on here, Revolution Cafe?

My friends would seriously like to know.

You Just Don't Get It, Man

15 minutes of this:


Aw man, did I just spoil it?

Part of Revolution Cafe’s MAPP art installation last night.

SFGate: Mission Bartenders Are A Bunch Of Meanies

This Mission’s own Revolution Cafe and Zeitgeist were singled out as two of the meanest SF bars in this City Brights post by Harmon Leon. Hey, stop laughing! He’s a really sensitive guy, and they hurt his feelings. Mr. Leon, who at the time of this post was on the phone crying to his mommy, was not available to comment.

Seriously, though. Don’t be mean. Best jerked-around-by-Zeitgeist-’tenders story gets a bloody mary on me.

(via Brizz @ Uptown Almanac)

Tonight: Kally Price @ Revolution Cafe, La Corde @ Sub-Mission

Kally Price is an amazing local jazz singer in the Billie Holiday and early blues tradition. She’s one of the most soulful and sincere singers in the bay area; you’ll get none of that mom-friendly Diana Krall business that Yoshi’s tries to shove down your throat. This stuff is more grandma-friendly. Face it, your grandparents were way cooler than your parents.

She starts at 9pm at goes till 12:30 at Revolution Cafe (or as I call it “little Amsterdam”) on 22nd and Bartlett. No cover charge so be sure to get your drink on and toss a fiver in the tip jar. We spotted Broke-Ass Stuart there last night so you know it’s affordable.

Check out this video I shot of her singing one of her originals at Amnesia a while ago:

Or if you’re looking for something more heavy:

The loosely-mission based post-punky new band La Corde are playing a show tonight in the mission opening for Crime Desire and OK?

Sub-Mission is on Mission and 18th. It shares space with Taqueria El Balazo. It’s one of those rare all-ages punk venues in a warehouse-y space. Don’t you miss having your mom drop you off at the Gilman and changing into your studded jean jacket while your best friend spiked your hair with Elmer’s glue in the parking lot? I do.