Sirron Norris Responds

Read his letter to the community at Mission Local.


9 Responses to “Sirron Norris Responds”

  1. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

    Well, that was just pathetic. From the tone of the response, you would think that the guy had been caught cheating on his wife, in the lobby of the Fairmont, while holding public office, and while spitting on a fragment of the true cross, while ALSO working a piece of seitan into the vagina of a slaughtered calf.

    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, DUDE… you painted a wall, at the OWNER’S request, FOR FREE… and now you’re APOLOGIZING?!

    Strap some balls on and tell the lame-o, self-entitled dickwads who painted the previous wall that their painting existed, all this time, at the pleasure of the owner of the building and that NOW so does YOURS. Tell them to get a new fucking wall! There are lots of walls in the Mission! Oh, and lots of “African American” men like you in the Mission, I guess.

    PS: Latino does not equal Indian. Identification does not equal entitlement. Might does not equal right.

  2. suckerpunch says:

    Why is he apologizing for not being Latino?
    News flash, not EVERYone in the Mission is Latino, and it surely shouldn’t be a requirement for painting on a building in said geographic realm.

    Christ, get some nuts. The previous artist had his day, the new artist has nothing to apologize for, it was up to the building owner to let the whiny previous owner know.

  3. Blanche Du Blah says:

    When all is said and done, the guys work is at best kitsch, not art. This stuff destroys art, not supports it.

    • Chully says:

      Murals aren’t permanent. This art was made not to last long. Just wait 3-5 years, and someone who you don’t think is “kitschy” will throw up some mad posturing agitprop for ya.

      • Blanche Du Blah says:

        And what makes you think “mad posturing agitprop” is not kitsch as well? Try not to comment for the sake of commenting.

      • Lonely Dog says:

        Why don’t the both of you make yourselves useful and go adopt a dog?

  4. Yikes. Can you imagine what happens when he does something that’s actually bad?

    • Silly says:

      It took me a moment to figure it out, but i think this guy’s a secret lesbian. I’ve never heard a DudeManBro talk so much about processing before… not even the gay ones.

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