La Gaîté at Revolution Cafe Tomorrow

Fact: hot women who play music are, um, really hot. Bonus points if they aren’t just strumming on a folk guitar singing about boys the’ve broken up with. Give me a cello, accordion, and mandolin over that any time.

La Gaîté is on tour from Amsterdam and they will be playing at Revolution Cafe tomorrow night (Saturday, June 5) starting at 9pm. This is somehow appropriate since all the stoners who hang out on the patio of the Rev make it the closest thing to Amsterdam that we’ve got.

Check out this video of them demonstrating their musicianship to great effect (while wearing French maid outfits):

If you miss ‘em, you can also catch them at Armando’s Sunday night, but that would require going to Martinez, and I’m not entirely sure I know where that is. They will also be playing the big gypsy jazz fest in Mill Valley next week.

One Response to “La Gaîté at Revolution Cafe Tomorrow”

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